Zerash's Diary ~ Day 1

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Day 1.

So i waked up this morning and started my computer to play a little!
I was quaite slepy because i waked up 4am just to play in the forest!
I was runing and runing and when i was near the pond i fell in to the water!!!! x(((
And when i came out from the water...
Ges what i sow.
NO PELT!Exclaim!!Exclaim
My pelt was gone!! xO
So it tok me some time to get it back!
I never fell in to the water before!
And hope that i'l never will fall in to it one more time!!!
And finely i got the blue flovers and lernd how to fly!
I didn't meat enyone in the forest but still had fun!
I sat on the trees and my deer was a bit tired so he ran to the old oak to get some slep!
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Sounds like you had

Sounds like you had fun!
Yeah, when your deer falls in the pond their pelts and antlers and masks are washed off

Hopefully Ill get to see you in the forest somethime ^^

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yee! maybe today if the

maybe today if the computer will not be taked by my mom!

clic the code down!