Your welcome!

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Today as some may know Blackhoof became a bat.
He soon meet(secound time on) a doe and a stag( H.S.S.D and some other deer).

The doe did but I couldn't get it in time...

B.H: I'm pooping
Doe: Wow...I so wanted to know that...
B.H: Where's Hot Sexy Smexy beast deer?
Doe: Where's who?

I ran around with the buck for some time...then he disappered!
I still don't know where he went!
B.H: You two are the secound deers I meet with grey coats?!

Soon I decided that the Doe had just a right to transform as much as I
did...So I sat in a Mushroom circle... and sadly when I came back she was asleep.
But that didn't stop me!
B.H.: Ya welcome...I was hoping you'd be a bat rather than a frog...
You know some bats eat frogs....
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im the golden deer in the

im the golden deer in the 1st 2 pictures! =D hahaha you know some bats eat frogs!
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I've seen you alot around

I've seen you alot around the boards.
I probably seen you a few times in the forest!
But it's true! Bats do eat frogs! The Indian False vampire
bat dous...Luckly I'm not one of those bats..I like to think I'm a
pallid bat...and insect eating bat!
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Haha ! I missed you as a bat

Haha ! I missed you as a bat ----> would like to have seen you flying aroud ^^
I was in the forest earlier but then had to go to bed (it was nearly 2 am at home, and I had to get up early >_<' lol).
Hope to see you next time Eye