My new babe, Yarrow!

I don't know quite a lot about her just yet seeing as I only just got down her design but I do have some floating ideas and tropes for her to explore. For one, you may notice she's half Orca pelt, half Owl pelt and that's just because I couldn't figure out which one I liked most so I combined them but for story reference, I may just see what I can do.

She is a witch fawn in need of a mentor to guide her.
While not or ever malicious or cruel like the idea tends to be painted, she is very much just a little girl fascinated with the world and wanting to understand it with an open heart.

She is an orphan.

Born into a nomadic tribe, Yarrow lived peacefully with her family until a group of dire wolves attacked them viciously and drove them out. Forcing them out of the forest and to wherever else, the tribe was sent on their way with little to no food. Her mother and father knew little about this strange land and with their injuries from the attacks were too weak to venture further. Not wanting their daughter's last memories of them to be fraught with pain, they had called on the help of the gods to take her elsewhere from here and asked that her mind be free of this memory. That they could be forgotten in their dying hours.

With pain laced breaths, they summoned what little magic they had in their weakened bodies.

Now Yarrow is not entirely certain how she ended up in the Endless Forest.

She believes she could have been born here but despite this strange burning desire to agree that yes, yes she was born here, her mind restlessly wrestles with the sharp ache that tells her this is wrong.

Everything she tries to think back far enough to a time she surely must have had parents she has nothing but a dull ache in her head and a heavy heart. She tries to remember her mother's eyes and has the strangest sensation of soft rain.

So she's a tiny witch fawn in search of the ancient magic in order to both learn and understand as well as to see if she can find her parents. Or at least learn about them.

She is sensitive and has a hard time understanding other fawns and deer. Yarrow adores plants, especially poppies. She wears them around all the time if she can. Due to her sensitive nature, she takes things rather hard but adores when someone is kindly or gentle. Underneath that soft creature, however, lies a mystery even she doesn't know.
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By Draak ♥

Ah thank you guys! <3

Ah thank you guys! <3
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Yes, she's here!

Yes, she's here!
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I love her

I love her

Hah, I like her origin and

Hah, I like her origin and design already. Looking forward to how she grows.
"She tries to remember her mother's eyes and has the strangest sensation of soft rain." Loved that line.

And those two pelts look fun meshed together, with the owl freckles and rings. I enjoy that darker brown below the eye[s?], striking.

Ah thank you! ; w ; I'm

Ah thank you! ; w ;
I'm hoping to develop her a little bit more and
with hopefully some more ideas as to where she's
headed as an adult. I have a fun idea for her when
she turns 16 so that's going to be fun and horrible to see play out.

And honestly, the idea was Vessen's!
I couldn't decide on one and they suggested I mash em together
And now we've come full circle~


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adorable, absolutely tracking

adorable, absolutely tracking (: