The World Tree (A story for Zergarikiaka)

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She awoke in a strange place, a deep, black cavern where a pulsing sound was heard in the distance. Her sight slowly came, she began to see more and more of the cavern. The doe began to walk in this musty place, occasional drips of water were heard as they splat on the rocky floor. She could not see stalactites lining the top of the place, like sharp needles ready to fall on her, and passed the occasional stalagmite that protected her. The sound was louder now, a pulsing sound much like a fast heartbeat.

She now walked into a much more well lit place, and before her was a barren black tree. The light shone on it, the tree slick and black, dripping ooze, the loud pulse now coming from the tree.

" this...?", Zerg questioned.

A voice spoke to her. She never knew who it was or where it came from, but it was like a whisper on the wind, perhaps even the tree itself speaking:

"Before you is the World Tree. It has grown here in the center of all things for a long time, but now it is dying. It cannot handle the evils of the world any longer, and is nearing it's last moments...once the World Tree dies, life on Earth will cease."

"What? No! This--", Zerg began, hesitating, "This can't be the end of it all." She approached the big pulsing tree, but the black ooze lashed out at her, and she was shoved away.

"What can I do? How can I stop this?", she begged for an answer.

The voice spoke once more:

"Only the purest light from the purest heart can destroy all evil."

She didn't understand at first, but then saw a bright beam of light from a hole in the ceiling. It shone in a small spot, and once Zerg stood in the light, it reflected off of her and struck the tree. The beam was strong, and the ooze began to fizzle, but the evil fought back, now reforming to reflect the light off of it. It was building outward, towards Zerg, coming closer and closer so it could strike her down and end all hope.

"It's not strong enough! I--", she began, trying everything to make the beam stronger. "I can't--"

"I can't do this alone..."

"Don't give up, Zerg!", Orinoco appeared by Zerg's side, the beam getting a bit stronger.
"We're here for you!, Kaoori spoke as she came.
"We will fight this together!", Bastilion spoke as he appeared.
"Let's get rid of this thing!", Cydae said close by.
"I'm here to help too!", Su-mi called.
"Don't let it beat you, Zerg!", Riza appeared here.
"Let's do this!", Kemosiri spoke
"Don't give up!", Rire came to help.
"I'm here too!", Hiroshi said
"It doesn't end here!", Ravus cheered
"Trust us, Zerg!", Dinamo called.
"Just believe, Zerg!", Quad spoke.
"We'll beat this!", Akhenaton yelled.
"Trust yourself!", Priscilla encouraged.
"This isn't the end!", Shiloh called.
"We'll fight this together!", Tails was here too.
"Keep going, Zerg!", Pierce called out.
"We've got this!", Hälla spoke.
"You're never alone, Zerg!", Aegle was here.
"Let's finish this now!", Wesker arrived to help.
"Don't let it beat you!", Emmy said.
"Keep it up!", Echosong spoke.
"Stay strong, Zerg!", Flyleaf encouraged.
"Don't ever give up!", Cutlass roared
"I'm here for you too!", Rhoda said.

The 25 deer appeared all around her, each making the light stronger as they came. Zerg closed her eyes and concentrated the light, with the help of her friends, she let out a powerful roar and the beam intensified and cut through the black ooze. The darkness fizzed and evaporated off the tree, and she was blinded from the powerful burst of light. She lost her footing and collapsed as the world quaked around her.

"Wake up, little one, and see the wonders you have done..."

She barely opened her eyes, now realizing she was beneath the World Tree. It was now healthy and living, beautiful flowers of every color bloomed on the branches. A few petals fell down and touched her body, and she wearily closed her eyes beneath the tree.

"You're never alone, Zerg. With your friends by your can save the world..."
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Thank you so much for this!

Thank you so much for this! You have no idea how much this story touched me.
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XD Glad you liked it. The

XD Glad you liked it. The deer who appear with Zerg are, in order, a character from each person that commented on your post the other day. I wanted it to be special in that way for you.
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I definatly noticed. I think

I definatly noticed. I think that made it all the more impactful as well. In a way it seemed like a concentrated burst of hope and faith the way you had written it out.