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It all started when willow leaf was born.
She was such a tiny thing when she first opened her eyes to see the world surrounding her. She was smaller than the rest of the fawns and most of the herd's older females said that she wouldn't survive to the winter. And when Willow leaf was old enough to understand and listen, she heard all of this as well.

"You should abandon it before you get attached to it.." some of them said.
"It's still around? make the world a favor and push it in to the river.." said the rest.
"At least the rest of us are safe from predators when she's around.." said the males.

But she showed them all wrong, she survived her first summer. And the winter as well.
But this got some of the females openly hating her, just because she survived, and their fawns didn't.
Everyone told the other fawns not to play with her, but they were a bit late to do that. She wasn't played with very often anyway, just because she couldn't run as long as the others. But she couldn't help it, she just got so tired so soon. But this was merely because of how weak she was when she was born.

She would be as good as the others with time.

That's what her mother said to her.

But all the time in the world didn't feel long enough. So she started to spend time on her own. Imagining things. She created her very own world to have fun in.

This continued for some time, untill the other, stronger fawns decided to play a trick on her. They told her that they had a game where she didn't have to run, and they were one player short. Willow leaf eagerly joined them in their game.

The game was something that humans usually called, hide and seek. But as they were deer, they didn't even know the existance of numbers. So the rule was to wait until a ray of sun hit some stone that everyone had agreed upon. But as Willow leaf had settled herself to wait for the sun patch to move. The others ran back to the herd and started their games again.

As Willow leaf waited patiently for the sun to move, she once again fell in to her imagination. Imagining the other fawns faces as she would find them, This would be a game she exelled in. But it was not meant to be for her. She fell asleep while she waited.

When Willow leaf woke up, the sun had long since set behind the horizon and the forest was dark. She cried out for her mother a few times in panic, but she only succeeded in angering some travelling males who had attempted to sleep nearby. She ran as fast as she could, but she was slower than the adults and they cauth up to her.

Lucky for her, they didn't hurt her much. The two of them might have noticed how scared she was of them allready and they felt sorry enough to just push her around with their antlers and not kick her. What ever it was, Willow leaf was thankful for it.

She wandered around for a while before coming to a pond, it was as good a place as any to sleep the rest of the night away. She would look around again the next day.

The morning came and Willow leaf couldn't recognize her surroundings, but she knew that adult deer could be angry with her if she was found in a wrong place at a wrong time. So she started to leave the pond when suddenly an adult came to her. Willow leaf was scared, what would this stranger ( Complex ) do to her?

But to willow leaf's dismay, the deer bowed to her. She was so overwhelmed by this act that she quickly found herself mimicing the act. The deer looked happy about this and nodded, and when this stranger started to walk away, Willow leaf soon found herself following her. Perhaps this kind stranger wouldn't mind having her around?

It appeared that following her had been a good idea, Willow leaf was invited to watch a wedding.

A week after this Willow leaf woke up to the scary night time of the forest, but was luckily saved from facing it alone by a stag that took a liking to her. And now she has ended up with many new friends. She just has to hope that they'll allow her to spend time around them again.

She has been growing in size and strenght since wandering in to the forest, and now she feels more secure about herself. But now her legs ache and she feels more confused about the world around her than before. There's still so much to know and do before she is ready to stop covering behind her new parents and gracefully walk the forest by herself, but the time is getting closer and she knows it.
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Aww..she's so cute! *tracks*

Aww..she's so cute! *tracks*

*Waves - tracks* :3

*Waves - tracks* :3