Whooooo are you...

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*"Who Are You" by The Who plays*

This is directed at that really nice stag who kept nuzzling me and doing sad emotes.

Please reveal yourself! If I already know you from somewhere, just tell me from where and I'll figure it out from that point. Smiling

On a side note, I will be using Stagleaf, by Blogspot blog, for my blogging purposes from now on unless I want to get someone's attention here.

I'll still post art (such as "The Stag"--hint, hint Eye) here if I make any I want to post here. I'll post fan art on the Stagleaf blog as well. Also, I invite anyone who wants to contribute to the Stagleaf blog to contact me via the blog. I am not looking for someone with perfect grammar, but I do not want to have "text speak" or "733t" on there, either. This is totally voluntary, so there is no pay.
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I wonder if that deer wanted

I wonder if that deer wanted something, he looked very sad but nothing I did seemed to help. Sad
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:/ Hence I think Michael

:/ Hence I think Michael should either create an "Introduce Yourself!" page here or have a link on the new community site that sends new users to the "Finding Forest Friend's List" on the old forum. It's bothersome to go back-and-forth between the two, especially when one was so popular and now is hardly ever posted in. This site's a little unorganized, too, in my opinion; i.e. the diaries are now becoming a mini-forum! 8(

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=/ everyone's used to a

=/ everyone's used to a forum, that's why. the old forum was great, but now that its gone everything here is just jumbled. any blogs i post get bumped off the page right away =(
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I agree with Her. This site

I agree with Her. This site is a little unorganized no offense.
And it would be rather nice to have the 'Finding Forest Friends List'
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@ KOGY: IKNOWIT. fjkdslf I

@ KOGY: IKNOWIT. fjkdslf I posted a diary entry, and the next morning, it was already on the second page. :C Phoooooie; I dunno. xD It's up to Michael. [shrugs] <3