[Whiskey] With magic horn.

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IC character
Free adoptable unicorn from alcinda


Name: Whiskey
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Diet: Herbivore
Reference: x
Scent: Vanilla, mint, tea,
Size: 2-3
Sex: Bisexual
Voice: Robert Downey
Sound: x
Set: Real deer mask, antelope horns, monarch butterfly pelt.
Species: Unicorn


A strong stallion who is trying to be invisible until now. His life took place in a world where people were full of danger. So he decided to leave the world of people and walked into the endless forest, where he is much better. Trying to avoid problems and pitfalls. He does not want to go anywhere rub or so. Most of the time she has to lie and sleep. He does not care where he sleeps whether it's someone's lair or just in a remote grass. He hates the tall grass. Almost see through it. His magical corner serve good purposes. Wounds heal, he can teleport, bless or even meet the occasional desire. He likes the company of others. When you can bask in the warmth of others. In winter it grows thick and stronger fur. In order to keep warm. I like to take care of babies. Well, if it's their parents allow. I do not want to allow any conflict.


Obedient - carefully - brave - stubborn - social - ambitious - at attention - fast - trusting - friendly - lazy - total playful - jealous (not much) - considerate - counselling - clumsy - welcoming - sometimes surly - (occasionally, the morning after awakening) obnoxious - caring - tired easily.

Deers or other creatures, babies, flowers, twilight, birds, fawns, doe, butterfly.

Night, cold, rain, predators, demons, bats, frogs.

BZD, zombie antlers, sharp theet, growls, carnivores.

Belly, neck, legs, tail, face, horn, back. :x







Very amazing Character,

Very amazing Character, Track. ~ ♥
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Thank you.

Thank you. <3

Art by Arres

No problem sweety.

No problem sweety.


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Thanks. ))

Thanks. ))

Art by Arres