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Came into the forest tonight and it seemed like every deer wants nothing to do with me, just runs away without hardly an acknowledgement- or worse, tries to fight me off. If it's not too much to ask, could you perhaps humble yourselves to allow my company? Sticking out tongue I think I deserve a bit more respect from ya.
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Heh, I think there were just

Heh, I think there were just a bunch of angry/scared deer in today. ^^' The Fawn was in, but having some odd issues. However, I don't think she would've minded your company. ^^ (She's alright with does).

Yes, sorry about that. 21

Yes, sorry about that. 21 met my Garth- the Red Zombie antlered Nightfall pelted doe. She's having a bit of a nervous breakdown today, and is avoiding every deer she sees. Don't take it personally; she just needs time alone to sort things out.
;3 Personally I would've loved to stay and dance but I had to stick to character.

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If I'd had had 88 or Clover

If I'd had had 88 or Clover in, they woulda joined in, however, I had Noface in, and well.... he's scared of other deer. hurr. XD

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You're right, you do. D8

You're right, you do. D8 Just an angry character day, I suppose. You know how we are. XD
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Agreed-it was an angry

Agreed-it was an angry character day. x3 Maybe I'll eventually get to kick in a happy character.
...Got a request, Ephra? ^^ I don't mind kicking in any of my deer. <3

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Bring anyone you like, I

Bring anyone you like, I just want to have fun! College has just started for me so I'm doing less roleplaying now and more just chilling out with friends, whoever would like to come play. Laughing out loud

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Alright, let's kick in my

Alright, let's kick in my exceptionally happy psycho that loves other deer and could use some cheering up. Laughing out loud *brings him in* His pictogram is read like his name, ULH, except the L has a sharp upward slant to the H. ^^ Hopefully I can find you first!

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You will have to come

You will have to come quickly. Smiling I gotta leave soon for bed but I'll come back tomorrow, then I'll see how big a party I can gather haha

edit: What a great de-stresser, thank you Laughing out loud Tomorrow is Friday! And once I can find my way around this school I'm sure I'll be able to come in more often again.

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Found ya. Very awesome.

Found ya. Very awesome. Alright! x3

[e]: Any time. That's Ulh, happy psycho as he is. Can't make enemies. x3 I know, I'm glad it's Friday! Alright. Laughing out loud

Well The Omen tried to come

Well The Omen tried to come hang out with you and Laurette but the male deer that was sitting when The Omen approached wanted to fight him off. He was sorry you had to witness that. Sad