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First like 30 minutes ago I was like ''aumg i'm so freakin bored ughhh rfhwuifrwi'' and then I got on here I was like Smiling lolthehell Anyways, are you guys celebrating Christmas? We already put our tree up. c:
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Yep, we're gonna be

Yep, we're gonna be celebrating Laughing out loud I decorated our balcony but we need another set of lights for our little tree ^^
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Lol. That reminds me, when we

Lol. That reminds me, when we were putting our lights on the tree half of it did not work. My dad had to go back to Walmart and get a another pair. lol
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We put the tree up before

We put the tree up before thanksgiving XD haha
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Humm.. we always do our

Humm.. we always do our christmas shopping right after Thanksgiving. and then on the weekend we do our tree. Sadly, we still haven't put our stocking up. And it's still likee.. ~is checking calender~ 16 more days. But it's not the end of the world. lol Oh! One more thing, what are you guys seeking for Christmas? le grin~


World peace......................... *straight face* -.-

Nahh, jks brah, I already gots mine XD
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And this is why I dislike the

And this is why I dislike the human race. :[ Is talking to the worthless humans who abuse the world and other crap.~

Though in serious, World

Though in serious, World peace would be awesome. Especially with all the crap going on around the world now o.O
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aumg yess YES

aumg yess