A Warm Breast in the Cold Night

The days following my awakening have been so dark and cold. I know the forest mourns the loss of the one who's name, so proudly roared across the hills, is Run. I did not know her face, but I knew her blood and the wind she breathed. Those are a part of me, and it is those that bring the tears to my face when I lower my horns to the candle-lit circle... To the star that visits us from the night.

It is this cold, this sadness, and the strange faces that surround me that make my re-awakening so difficult. The little ones... Children... They startle me so and flit around me with such bright eyes. I do so wish not to scare them... Or hurt them. I fear my stagger, my old eyes... They cause worry and fear in the young ones.

So many others bound about, bellow familiar sounds to unfamiliar scents. I watch myself in the still of the pond, letting the fish circle around my ever aging visage. I find myself frequently visiting the glittering star, letting loose the tears.


Tonight I feel stronger. The winds are still cold, and bring the strange stars that turn to tears upon my cheek, but there are some young ones bounding about. I roar and dance with them, bounding along the hills. Perhaps they do not shun me after all.

A doe finds me on another visit to [Run]'s star. She seems puzzled by my sadness. Her scent is strong and familiar. She perhaps remembers me... I cannot recall her roar or her... No... Not completely.

Her neck meets my own, rubbing softly... So very warm. I cannot bear to show her my tears... I bellow and flee, secretly hoping she may give chase. She seems to know my ways... Share my age. She bounds after me and we stop on the bridge by the pond.

This is my favorite place... Quiet and tranquil. My heart races, my body no longer cold, as she comes up beside me and lays with me above the trickling waters. Her scent... Her warmth... So quickly lull me to slumber.

I pray my dreams are brief this night for nothing so wonderful could come in sleep.
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You're a wonderful writer. I

You're a wonderful writer. I wish I had time to look at people's diaries sooner.

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