Virgil fanart~ :3

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Its official.

Howl can not draw deer. 8| Especielly since she has no badass art programs, just the old version of paint to doodle on~ So, yeah.

Pixle. Youtotallyloveit. Ohyeah. |3 -brick'd-

I was, also, kinda, sorta, this isnt gonna happen.. Wondering if anyone would lend me the file to the skull-mask and zombie pelt? I could do one of these for the person who does but.. Once again I doubt this will happen since they're just silly little pixles. |3 I can TRY to make it bigger, if the person who gives me the files wants, and I can TRY to put the correct design of the deer. But, beware. My art suckiez. <3 So. Yeah.

First picture up here : D I was hoping to put a good one up, but, no. I had to go put this little pin-sized pixel art thinger ma bob up. Oh well. Always a second chance.

- Howl
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This is so cuteee! <3

This is so cuteee! Laughing out loud <3

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Why, thank you. : D

Why, thank you. : D
She will be loved,
Oh she will be loved.