Valentine’s Day requests (part 1)

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Hahaha I wanted somethin really simple but as always got carryed away.
I hope I pictured their sizes correct.

Starling & Auxentius.
Requested by Starling.

Geisha & Ravus.
Requested by Sleepything.

Isiel & Ramsus.
Requested by Alcinda.

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Arghhhhh...these are so

Arghhhhh...these are so Beautiful ...Damn Laughing out loud Shocked
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Wow! I am blown

I am blown away. @___@

These are so beautiful, all of them! You did such an amazing job ughh. I just..I HAVE NO WORDS.
Thank you so so sooo much omgg, Ravus and Geisha are just absolutely perfect! Thank you! ♥

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥

Thank you SO much!! Was a

Thank you SO much!! Was a surprise for me up until just a second ago. They all seem so perfect, and Geisha and Ravus's makes me so happy. ♥
I'm such a long time fan of your work as well, you have the most beautiful style!

Edit: gjnsjklnbjklh could not understand how you got them so perfect, even my deer who I barely have any design for. @_@ Sleepything told me she just gave you a description and said you could play around with it. You did beautifully. I'm so blown away...
This goes on the bio. :I
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God these are beautiful.

God these are beautiful. Ramsus, will you ever smile? That rose is so cute though XD Have to say, Geisha and Ravus are my favourites. Love how Ravus extends from the frame, and that mask is beautiful!
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Oh man, these are stunning

Oh man, these are stunning *A* I freaking love how you do tef faces on deer. Somehow looks so natural~ Gorgeous.

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> Flyleaf Thank you de(ee)ar

> Flyleaf
Thank you de(ee)ar C:

> Sleepything
sDNJASDKVJN I'm glad you like it!

> 11dollarbills
Well, duh, it was supposed to be a surprize!)
I didn't change much, though. Just painted some pattern on the mask. But maybe with full body on the picture I could do more.
Ahhhhh thanks :3

> Mis
Heh Ramsus the grumpy deer xD

> shaku
Thank you, it's really nice to know that.
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Woooowowow. What a beautiful

Woooowowow. What a beautiful surprise! Thank you for drawing them! These are all gorgeous! I cant stop looking at them. I love how you positioned Ramsus and Isiel and that rose is romantic even with Rams perpetual scowl. Smiling
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Oh my god these are

Oh my god these are incredible!!!
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Can't even begin to tell you

Can't even begin to tell you how happy that picture makes me. <3 Despite how grumpy he is, you still managed to make him look so romantic with that rose. Which is a huge plus, haha! I'm in love with the way you drew his horns, they're so big and sharp it makes him look all the more powerful. And I like that you included his goatee! He looks so badass, yet you can totally tell he's a softie deep down.

The size difference between them looks spot on, even just comparing his hoof to hers he looks huge. Love Isiel's pose too, and the way she's looking up at him all starry-eyed. Gah, I could go on with this!

Thank you so much for drawing those two, it really made my day!

No Mis, he will never smile. >8C XD
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Wow, these are all amazing.

Wow, these are all amazing. Adore the poses.
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Yay! Geisha and Ravus. <33 I

Yay! Geisha and Ravus. <33 I love them to death.
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Oh my God, your art is so

Oh my God, your art is so stunning.

You convey romance so exquisitely, too. God, their expressions.

You're really amazing.
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Oh wow, I adore these so

Oh wow, I adore these so much, all of them, all endearing and special in their own way. Love the frames you used too, the all work so well with the compositions. Lovely work, absolutely cannot wait to see more of these!
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> wake And it was really

> wake
And it was really great to draw them all, I had a lot of fun and also new expirience in drawing deer faces.

> OrinocoFlow

> alcinda
Making this character look romantic is probably hard but I actually did it in the very first sketch.
(I hope Isiel's neck is anatomically correct, I can't stop thinking if I did it right)
You are welcome :3

> Gustiro
Thank you.

> RikkaChan
It seems that this couple have a lot of fans here and I'm glad all of them like it!

> Hum
So much compliments I think I'm blushing. *@_@*

> Sighthoundlady
Oh thank you it's means so much to me.
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@^@ don't mind me just gonna

@^@ don't mind me just gonna sit in here and worship..
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Oh, woah! Thankyou so much, I

Oh, woah! Thankyou so much, I don't often think about their size comparison but I really love it here.
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This is the cutest...

This is the cutest... Starling is so tiny and Aux is gigantic lol I never really thought about size either but I like this a lot. Thank you for drawing it, brightened up my day even tho I'm late seeing this hehe. Aw... The details in the faces too... can I put it on Aux's bio page?
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> Xemi Well how can I stop

> Xemi
Well how can I stop you anyway :3

> Starling, AUX
It always interesting to see people's reaction to the actual sizes of their characters when I draw them.
I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

And sure you can!
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WOAH oh my goodness these are

oh my goodness these are off the charts stunning

holy crap i didnt know you had it in you! i am amazed
these are sooooo good woah omg
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Jee, thank you! I guess I

Jee, thank you!

I guess I did not knew it either. Well, life is full of unexpected discoveries.
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