Um...untitled? ^^;

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Got screenshots from last night to post, starting with a few from Magnet:

Magnet: I ran into Sqish when I woke up, and soon after Timber. He was a stag! O.o

Can't wait for my own Stag-Day. =]
Then Scape switched in.
Scape: It was surprising to see Timber as a stag, but also cool. =D
He kinda confused me when he started casting spells on me. I couldn't figure out what he was doing. It looked like he was going for a specific set.

"*extreme bemusement*"
When he was satisfied, I ended up like this:

" to explain? O.o"

Anyway, I ran into Taiko afterwards, got my normal set back (Taiko cast my antlers on the first try! 8O), and basically went crazy. =D
We confused a fawn with our log-sitting skills! X]

And it only continued when Seed showed up.

But they were amused, too. =]

Running around in circles.

Hopping around Taiko. X]
And then he gives us heart attacks. O_o

...yes I'm hiding behind Seed. What of it? >.>

Long-distance conversation:

My twin:

I'm pretty sure this is Sluggs with the wrong picto. He was trying to twin with me a few times before....after turning me into various things. >.> Attempts to avoid spells failed.

After a long chase where I was avoiding being cast on again (It pretty much ended after I hid at the Playground. >_> )... Kogy showed up (Long time no see in the Forest! =D), turned fawn, and there was a dance.

Is that Draak? Nice to meet you in deer-son! =]

8O Did you spend too much time as a squirrel at one time or what??

I stand corrected. Must've been a fly.

...or was it chipmunk?


Pega: *fake documentary voice* If the groundhog-deer sees its shadow, it will freak out and retreat into its burrow. No matter how much you try to deceive it by pretending to sneak away, it will not reappear. And we can also expect 6 more weeks of winter.. XD No I don't know where that came from. You may continue.
Scape: XD As soon as I stop laughing....

Ok, I'm good now.

The sideways-Sluggs chase was on!
And it led the lake!

Frog?! 8O

Then he took off for the bank.

I had to do it.

Apparently Draak did, too. XD

He's off again!

So that's where he went!
Then he started doing this freaky...spasming thing!

It reminded me of when Pega told me about how the projector in the animation lab started spazzing and making the image on the screen "flicker" like a film reel. She asked if they should be hiding under the desks when it did that. I know something about technology stuff, because she's shown me, so yea...that freaked me out. O_O

That's everything I have, and around when I left, so that's it.
Pega's complaining that she's gonna be "dead" tomorrow because it's so late, anyway (It wasn't my idea to write this now! Stop glaring at me! D=), so I'm gonna go. ^^;
Magnet and/or I will be in the Forest tomorrow. Couldn't be today due to my human and her sister both having papers due tomorrow.

So, until next time.
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ScapeCop wrote:I'm pretty

ScapeCop wrote:
I'm pretty sure this is Sluggs with the wrong picto. He was trying to twin with me a few times before....after turning me into various things. >.> Attempts to avoid spells failed.

Yes, that was me! I kept coming back with different sets, (hoping to find yours amongst them), but wasn't having much luck. I got there in the end though! \o/

Yep, you certainly got Frog-spelled a bit there! O_o (All my sets come complete with free Frog spell!)

That spazzy thing... Yeah, that's weird! If I keep shrinking, that's what becomes of me... A cardboard cut-out! Shocked

PS. I'm testing colours and stuff here, LOL!

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8D Yeah! that's Draak XP

8D Yeah! that's Draak XP please to meet you too ^^

Lol Yeah, Sluggs and his random shrinking, spazzing, floatingness XD. When he went in the floor and went all flat like and crazy I was like "What the?!" O_o

I think I've taken pretty much the same pictures as you lol but from my view XDD

Oh and I think that twin deer with you was Sluggs too, I'm sure it was his picto I saw instead of that one XD.
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YAR! Squirrel buddy LOLZ


Squirrel buddy LOLZ
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*wants that glitch soooo

*wants that glitch soooo much*
*knows she will never get it*

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Did someone say RAINBOW? 8D

Did someone say RAINBOW? 8D