Transmogrification (Shortstory + Interaction)

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The creation of the Supreme Talux...

Please note - This story, including Quad's transformation, will be a bit graphic.


It was a particularly warm afternoon, the scent of sweet grasses and pollen had filled the Forest. A quiet moment, aside from a few chirping birds above and buzzing insects underhoof.

It was a perfect day.

The blackbuck made his rounds, stopping by the Pond for a sip of water, wandering to the Old Oak for a moment, then going into the Birch Forest. He slowed his pace, the trees here were always among his favorites, and he would stop and look to their beauty, before looking down beneath them for any mushrooms. It was still an old habit of his, what he found, he ate immediately. There were times where the mushrooms had to be rationed because of Quad overeating them.

He sniffed one beneath a pair of strong birch trees. It wasn't poisonous. He knew it wasn't, the Gods do not keep harmful mushrooms in the Forest. He was savoring the scent of the fungus before delicately lapping it up, chewing slowly, swallowing it bit by bit, each delicious morsel making his mouth fill with flavor.

He was in paradise. This place, this Forest, was his sanctuary, as well as the sanctuary of many others.

As he swallowed the last bit of the delicacy, his nose picked up another scent, something sweet...something...different... He had never smelled this scent before, and it was close.

The blackbuck raised his head, taking in more of the exotic smell, locating it...following... He soon had a visual of something in the distance.

The small cluster mushrooms were a beautiful shade of blue-green, glowing just a little, an unusual sight...but considering what he had seen in the Forest, he simply assumed it was just a gift from the Gods. They were growing in a random spot out in the open, not under the trees like he was used to them being located.

He walked over, hesitantly, but the smell was so intoxicating that his legs would not back away. He licked his lips, his stomach gurgling and already wanting to taste these strange mushrooms. As he stood over them, the aroma was filling his lungs, his mouth was drooling. Without a moment's hesitation, he was already biting into one of the mushrooms. The taste of the mushrooms on his tongue made his eyes roll back in deep ecstasy. He swallowed the mushroom whole before lapping up another, and another...and soon he was devouring the mushrooms in seconds.

As he finished the last one, his vision began to blur. His legs soon felt like jelly, and he could not keep his balance. He collapsed, his body twitching and shivering uncontrollably. He could not keep his eyes open, and slowly his consciousness faded.

"The Gods picked a lousy hero. You're pathetically easy to trap."

That voice....he knew that voice...

He opened his eyes, everything was dark. It took him a moment to adjust to it. He couldn't move, and his body was slowly starting to burn. He cringed painfully, taking a gasp of air.

The boar sneered, whispering into his ear as the blackbuck's head rested on his viral body, the infection causing him added pain on the back of his head. As Quad's vision started to return to him, he saw the just like the mushrooms...

"Zeunerite, quite a lovely mineral on Venterm...quite...destructive to organisms such as yourself. It is such a shame you are not a Goxi, from the looks of it, the radiation is already causing you some pain...", Noctuis chuckled, enjoying every moment of watching Quad writhe in agony.

The cavern was small, hidden beneath the surface of the Forest. Noctuis had been harvesting the radioactive minerals that were now surrounding both him and Quad, waiting for just the right moment to lure the blackbuck. The mushrooms that grew above were an unintended side-effect, but extremely useful for the trap. Noctuis did not plan to use the mushrooms, but now he was very pleased in the results.

"You may not be able to die, but that is not my plan for you, little hero. No, I want you to be changed...permanently...just like your little friend Nekumbra. Yes, I want to see you turn into a monster! I want you to be so horribly transformed that you will no longer be a threat to my harvest of this planet.", Noctuis let out a laugh here, about the moment when Quad screamed out in pain.

As Noctuis was laughing, Quad mustered a sentence here, "Y-you forgot one thing...". The boar stopped and looked down at him, at the moment the blackbuck burst into light. His fur illuminated a strong white glow that immediately caused Noctuis to burn. The alien shrieked and clawed his way out of the radioactive cavern, light entering in and blinding both him and Quad as he created an exit to the surface. As the alien infection rushed out, Quad gritted his teeth and fought to pull himself out as well. The buck's body was burning from radiation, the skin beneath his fur was noticeably reddened. He cringed as the small minerals scraped along his body, it feeling much like sharp needles digging into his already painful skin, some even pulling out of the cavern and sticking out of his skin. He almost gave up, he almost stayed there in fear of causing himself more pain, but he knew that the longer he was exposed to those minerals, the more damage he would cause to his body.

He let out one last yelp as he forced himself out of the opening, the minerals tearing into his flesh and staining his body in blood. His hooves dug into the ground, ripping up grass and flowers. His eyes clenched shut, and after another loud scream of agony, his wings burst from his back - four great white wings that outstretched. They started flapping violently, and soon he was hovering over the ground. With his eyes still closed, he was not watching where he was going, but only soaring to the sky. The tree limbs above brushed against his sides as he went through them, scraping and making him bleed more. As he reached above the treeline, the sunlight warmed his torn and burning body, and giving him a second of comfort, his mind cleared.

And then the transformation happened, starting from his wings, which became blue-tipped. His fur shedded off within a few minutes, leaving him naked, his red skin showing. But then his body grew white feathers, they were slow at first but then went quickly. It felt like being stuck with countless needles on his body, he let out a shriek while his wings continued to flap and keep him hovering. While this was going on, his body was morphing - his mouth hardened into a beak, his skull and bones rapidly changed with painful snapping sounds, his hooves grew out into long bird-like feet with sharp talons. His tail fanned out into that of a bird's, and his neck elongated just a little. The last part of his transformation was his full body growing larger than before. The shards of the Zeunerite that had stuck into his skin entered into his bloodstream, converging into one spot and creating a large blue crystal in the center of his forehead.

The creature's eyes opened, adjusting to the light before he opened his beak and let out a shrill cry. He was still in tremendous pain, and flying over the trees, his nostrils smelled for water. He soon found the Pond, and swooping down, he landed in the cold water much like a goose would, making a loud splash before floating on the water's surface. He cooed and shivered, dunking his head in to cool his face and neck, then taking long sips of the water. As his body was fully formed, the Supreme Talux inhaled deeply and let out a loud, high-pitched roar. He could not remember where he was, or even who he was. He was hoped to find another like him, or something that would spark a memory...but as his mind was blank, he floated on the pond and waited...


((From here, if you would like to observe the Supreme Talux or interact with him, please feel free to post in the comments below. Just remember that he will not know who you are, and could be hostile since he has become a feral 'monster'. But that does not mean he won't interact with you - just be warned))
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I apologize to Zerg for

I apologize to Zerg for losing the comment you had posted before I deleted this. If you are still interested in interacting with him, let me know. I'm sorry that you will have to retype what you posted (or something similar), I could not recover it from Google's cache.
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Sure, I don't mind reposting.

Sure, I don't mind reposting. ^^ <3

He was bored beyond reason, and perhaps that was why he was out at all.

Sitting on a thick low branch of a tree near the pond, a rather odd looking creature looks down at the lack of action below. Six listless crimson eyes remain only cracked open, focusing on nothing in particular while his mind wandered to deep and insightful topics. Every now and then a breath of wind ruffles his long white feathers, and displaces the much shorter black and red maked plumage over his ribs. Two chains hang from the deer-bird's fetlocks, dangling entirely down to the ground below.
A yawn escapes Aves' long, skull-mask-like beak as he finally closes his eyes. Certainly nothing of interest would happen any time soon. Or so he thought, until the sound of wingbeats catches his attention. Opening his eyes again, he looks half hopefully at his back, as if expecting a set of wings to have finally emerged from his bare spine. No such luck.
He returns his gaze to the area between the tree and pond, before noticing something new actually in the water. "Well now, what have we here?" he speaks, before leaping off the branch and landing heavilly on the ground below. From where he lands, he begins to walk to the pond to examine this swimming, almost crane-like creature.
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The Supreme Talux caught a

The Supreme Talux caught a few sounds nearby, and turning his face to the side to where an eye examined the surroundings, he could have sworn he saw something over there. His attention was soon focused more on his own senses, as his skin was still burning from the radiation.

He took a deep breath and dunked his entire body into the pond, letting the water cool his skin. As he emerged, he floofed out his feathers and shook the water from his plumage. He looked back over, still thinking he saw something, but could not locate the source of the sounds he was hearing.