Thyme the Mute deer bio. (Updated)

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No one really knows about my deer, Thyme, so I decided to make a little page for him.

A recent picture of Thyme:

Pictogram up close:

The Facts:
Name: Thyme
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Size: Regular deer height
Mate: None, possibly looking
Family: ....
Friends: ....

The Pelt:

His pelt is the one in his picture currently.
He always has the candle antlers, they're his favorite. (but I lost them because my compy broke. so flowers for now)
Currently he's wearing the Real Deer mask, but he also likes the Zombie mask.

Thyme is kind and gentle. He is not a fighter, but if threatened first he will defend himself. He loves meeting new people, but also enjoys walking all by himself in the forest. He can be found almost anywhere in the forest, but the most common spots are usually somewhere near the Twin God's idols.
Thyme is a mute deer so he will never bellow even if someone else does first. He is actually self-conscious when someone else talks or bellows because he wishes he could speak very badly. Sad

Understanding Thyme:
*Because Thyme is mute he has to find different ways to get people to wake up or notice him if he stumbles across them.
Some are:
  • Casting a spell on them
  • Run around them in hopes of them hearing his hoves
  • Do nothing at all. Sticking out tongue

Paw the ground+tree w/ mushrooms; tree w/ pinecones; sleeping deer= change me please
Paw the ground+Laydown in Mushroom circle=Let's change into something!
Most others should be pretty obvious. : )

A story is coming soon. : )
Might add more later.
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Oooh, what a lovely deer!

Oooh, what a lovely deer! He sounds really intriguing. Hope to see him in the forest! <3
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Hm. Picto seems

Hm. Picto seems familiar...Hope I see you for sure sometime. Sticking out tongue