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WIP bio for my OOC, Victor the Goat


Orca Mask
Orca Antlers
Real deer pelt with tan belly

Species - Goat

Mute, cannot speak
Heals wounds on touch

Thank you to Meadow for this drawing!

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Not sure what all I should

Not sure what all I should post about Victor...what are the rules on an OOC character?

Also can someone make that top picture transparent for me? I don't know what program you use for it. I'll nuzzle you if you do Eye
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Tracking this. Again, I love

Tracking this. Again, I love his set. n__n
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;aksdfj;alskdjf;aldskfj thank

;aksdfj;alskdjf;aldskfj thank you!! Someone drew him a long time ago on Gaia Online and I lost all of the names of the people I got artwork from there so I can't really credit them. I had a geocities webpage with all the info and...well...geocities doesn't really exist anymore.

Yeah his set is based off of my plush animal of Victor. I had a lot of help deciding on it and Syon helped me get the set last night.
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I fixed the picture a bit

I fixed the picture a bit just now, to get rid of the white dots around, so you probably have to save it again. ^^'

But you are welcome. ♥
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awww a goat ^^ gonna draw

awww a goat ^^

gonna draw that cute thing ^^
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So cute !!!

So cute !!! Smiling
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Thank you again, Snow! Got

Thank you again, Snow! Got the new one up.

XD Midnightrose, did you see the real Victor? I loved his look when I found him, his face especially. Kind of makes me wonder who owned him before I found him and why they would throw him away.

I'll work on this bio some more soon, most likely dissect that link above, putting his history and things on here. His biggest quirk is that he's mute, but otherwise I plan to play him as someone who would approach anyone.


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wrong account rofl ;A;

wrong account rofl ;A;

;u; adorable little

;u; adorable little critter
you have a good taste in music too
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XD I'm going to play him more

XD I'm going to play him more since currently Quad's got his own thing going on.

He's based off of an old plush animal I got from a thrift store, who was my best friend as a kid. I came up with this story about him getting mystic healing powers, and how he gets caught and sent to an animal testing facility. I never actually wrote the story but maybe one day I will.

But he's exactly as he appears to be - a gentle and humble goat who wants nothing more but to see happiness in others.