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Swallow Tail (Her Feroucious Smile

Yeah...Swallow Tail pictuer got bored
and did it on Photobucket!!! So yeah I'll do another
one with Blackhoof. Pretty much bored and I made a mistake
and put a W instead of an E. Con you say my new avi?

yeah I don't like Blackhoof's as much as Swallow Tail's
Maybe because Swallow Tail looks more serious and
Blackhoof has a tasty child tattoo on his back oh well...

He hopes because he misses the days when candy was sweet and
and clouds weren't bitter. And when his eyes weren't shaded with
rainbow colored glitter. To bad he wasn't looking in the
right direction or he would of never came across that big Black
bear called life.

Strange...but when I write poems or whatever they mostly sound
like that Sticking out tongue You have to find the meaning in it for yourself...

Anyway...(Spelling is a nasty fat headed buggar..)
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For Terabetha

This is just a little bit of art for my bestest bud in the entire world...hope you like it m'dear! Filled with lots of magpie-y goodness!
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Dont steal my potato chips!!

Random........ very,very random BUT KOUGA HAD IT COMING!!! P.S. this is what happens if you piss me off seareiously it is!
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me in need of a mate

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Its me in need of a mate. I still do. Smiling So if you want to be my mate.Tell you what, tell me what you like and if we have a match ok. Smiling
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hope to be on game pelt xD

new pelt hope every1 likes it i tried my best i hope its considered to be on the game!
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R.I.P Toto <3

A baby magpie we tried to save from two cats after falling
down from his nest for maybe two months ago.
He died for two days ago, and we buried him today.
R.I.P Toto<3
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Seele lurvs Saan :D

Yes, yes he does <3

Drew this on vacation XDD My boyfriend was playing some.. Game with his brother and sister.. A game I hate.. So I sat next to them and drew this for Saan and a bit for Seele too ofcourse... XD..
I coloured it veerryy quickly yesterday night.
I know boring pose LOLOL *Lazyy*
I'll do better next time kaj? Laughing out loud

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Woodland's Edge

the icons were being stupid to me so to clear away the frustration I did this. It's always a good idea to step away from something that's frustrating you, especially art. If you get too frustrated, you might mess it up even more.

This is my third photo manipulation. the first one is one that we shall never speak of again..............ever.

So enjoy Atiq...............frolicking...........through the meadow X3

photo credits available on the deviantArt version. (on my profile, I'm too lazy to put it here XD)


gah you know what I just noticed? I forgot his friggin' stripes on his side D:< I knew something looked blank...............

Atiq: Why do I suddenly feel a little naked? >.>
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Thsai Icon


For the first time in history, I'm afraid I'm closing icon requests. So many people liked mine and asked me to make one for them, that I cannot take on any more. Later I may open them open again. So please bear with me and I thank all those who asked because you guys make me feel so much better about myself x3

this is for a newcomer, Thsai.

Icon requests are open, always. I love doing those. Especially pixel ones. I love when on deviant Art someone comes and asks me for a custom icon, it makes me so happy ^-^

so Thsai, just save this to your computer as a .jpg and upload it here and you will have your shiny new icon! :3
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July 21

I drew this a few days ago but didn't upload it until now (Yeah im lazy when im bored)
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