This was intended to be my profile picture, but since I can't change it I'll just upload the image here. lol

I drew this on my phone using the Penup app. :3

Tuskle, Rosinka and Eho

' That pleasant time we jumped around with Tuskle. '

Urschanabi and Eho

Thank you for the hugs, Urschanabi!

Music: listen to.

Mythical deer


Soap walk

Fyn Doodle-y Thing

In celebration of my re-discovering of the Forest. It's been a while...


Commission for Starr!

Memory`s BIO

Name: Mem0ry
Gender: female
Age of deer: 167 years

Memory was born from the tears of a weeping willow, the one that grew by the mighty waterfall. Being a fawn, she was very curious and because of this she often got into trouble. Baby, what else can I say? She loved to explore the world, there was a whole forest of questions in her. But when she grew up, she changed a lot: she became very timid and neat. Memory often wandered alone through the endless forest. She loved solitude, she also loved to admire the waterfall for hours, watch the water with a murmur roll down the slope and break on the rocks into millions of `crystal fragments` and again turn into one big river and flow away. Memory loves when the wind glides over her smooth shiny fur and passing through each wool turns into a soothing melody (similar to https://youtu.be/KRRFbghuFvI ).. She searched for lost souls and helped them find their purpose. She also showed the way to the Blue deer (perhaps I will also write a separate biography about the Blue), who was left without a mother, giving her a piece of her soul, she murmured goodbye to her: "Your mother is always with you, if you believe in her, her fire burning with a flame in your heart will burn forever".

~Memory is 167 years old, but she claims that she is very young for her comeback.

~Her voice is similar to the chime of small bells or the murmur of a spring stream that has just awakened from a long, fierce winter.

Memory is very respectful of her fellow deer, she admires them.
He wants to be friends with every deer in the forest, he is very afraid of losing one of his friends.

Please excuse me if I made any mistake somewhere..


Hello! I am monstr.
I played TEF when I was younger, and not even knowing of communities and such, but have recently revisited the game and hope to join in where my younger self did not.

As of now, I am still a fawn, but am working on designing a deer of my own and hope to see people in the forest

Tumblr: https://www.monstrslair.tumblr.com
DA (haven't used in awhile): https://www.deviantart.com/monstrslair
FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/monstrdog/
Discord: Monstrdog#0765

Look deeper in my eyes and upper lip

There is a forest in my left eye
A hunter and pal in my right eye
On my upper lip near the middle
Is a woman on a couch with
a walker in front of her
In he background in the deep shadow
appears a man peeking over the couch looking at
the woman's back

It is always like that. I get lost in the little pictures hidden in the details
where scenes of life play out intriguingly. Happens with tree bark too outside

The only mirror I know is scenes of life in the fur and in the eyeball
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