Urschanabi and Eho

Thank you for the hugs, Urschanabi!

Music: listen to.
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OMG Si, why am I getting a

OMG Si, why am I getting a gift for YOUR birthday?!?! It's unfair! Laughing out loud
Wonderful art, and this magical music suits it very well, adding up to the serene atmosphere. Eho is such a lovely character, by the way. And your style is just adorable *hugs tighter*

Thanks for today's company and best wishes for your birthday!
You are an absolute treasure to this place, I don't know where TEFru would've been without you.

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Happy birthday, SiLu. May it

Happy birthday, SiLu. May it be a great one.
And Urchin, ty for spilling the beans)

@Urschanabi may be I'm a bit

@Urschanabi may be I'm a bit hobbit Cool
Happy you like it!
Thank you so much!

@Uitleger Oh, thank you so much! She is so tender and beautiful on your work! Like the morning mist.

You're welcome, SiLu. I

You're welcome, SiLu.
I picked up on that vibe from the music you linked, and how fragile she looks next to the aardvark (with those sharp angles on her reminding me of those small bird bones you feel when a bird is in your hand).
I admire their body language, along with the sunset colors, it makes for a special scene.
I also admire Urschanabi's archetypal shape in there, that of a rock, a guardian.
All in all, I enjoy this style for how candid it is. Reminds me of TEF, surely.

Thank you so mucn, Uitleger!

Thank you so mucn, Uitleger! Your words are so warm!