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You shouldn't be posting art

You shouldn't be posting art that isn't yours, it's highly frowned upon here.

Let alone from a clip art site that's filled with stolen art.

Way to call it out. *High

Way to call it out. *High five*

omigosh I agree, but, what if

omigosh I agree, but, what if willow just chose the wrong host site ? or, just didn't know any better altogether ? or ? ... I don't know ... willow might lack capacity, you never know

just, benefit-of-the-doubt generally, you know ? even though I agree

really, the website owner or whatever should not be doing what they're doing, but, there's no real means to prevent them or hold them responsible - all we can do is what Draak did, and be proactive on websites that identify unethical ones

most ordinary folks (like, the WHOLE internet) including willow maybe, just aren't savvy or mindful about that stuff - and unethical, exploitative websites lead them to believe it's all ok - they exploit the creatives AND the 'willows' ... you know what I mean ... could be ...

willow: when you just throw a couple randomly-formatted links up with no context, it looks like you're just promoting the site or phishing for clicks - but you went to the trouble to register here, and you even put tildes around your name ? so, maybe you just wanted to share an image that you liked ?

if you found an image that you liked, that spoke to you, then SAY so - say something about it or about its maker ? and absolutely always CREDIT the maker and link directly to them or their website if you can, right ?

am I just being stoopid here ? naive ? I am relatively new

we'll see if willow ever posts again I guess


and ruminane is my friend - full disclosure - and made my perfectly inquisitive sideways face and my signature / hoof print ... in case I didn't mention that before - but I'm pretty sure I did - I hope I did - anyway I just did AGAiN so it's all good and I just wanna be Draak's friend !
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To be fair yeah, you can

To be fair yeah, you can technically give them benefit of the doubt because they could be some kid who legitimately don't know any better, in which case @ the op once again, please don't post art that isn't yours as it can be seen as theft, or at the very least please find and give credit to the original artist.

For the record the original is here: drawn way back in 2013.

Capi, you're always telling

Capi, you're always telling me I overthink identity stuff, appearance stuff, and I know it, and I try to own it don't I? But you overthink everything else.

Draak was right on, and way to follow-up with an original cite, er, site. Don't we all wish everyone had that kind of diligence.

Just treat everything you post, exactly the way you want people to post stuff that belongs to you.

Or something like that. You know what I mean.