Tales from the Nexus - Secret World

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Tales from the Nexus

Secret World

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"Wake up, sweet one."

"...Hmm? Who is there?"

"Only a friend. A friend who has been your guardian for a long time."

"...Guardian? What exactly are you?"

"I know, Hex, you cannot see. But do you see the glow in your eyes? I will not nearly be as bright as the stars, but I hope my light is..."

"Ah...there you are...yes, I see your light...but...you're so tiny..."

"Yes...and there are very few who can truly see us. Please, I wanted to show you something...please come."

The doe sits up this night, on her usual spot on the big boulders of the Playground. She stretches and then begins to follow the tiny voice, the dim light just enough for her blind eyes to get a sense of direction. As she continues, she stops, looking around at the lights all around, "Are...are those all...?", she asks.

"Yes, fairies, not fireflies, and certainly not starlight.", the voice before her replied.

Hex's eyes only took in dim blurs of light, but she could see them - countless glowing creatures of all different colors floating around through the trees.

There were fairies in the Endless Forest, though invisible to most of the deer. They revealed themselves only to those who they thought could keep their secret. Hex was chosen for a simple reason - her eyes would not deceive her.

As she was led on, she encountered another there, who looked up to her. "You see them too?", Harry asked as the doe approached. She smiled back, "Mmm not exactly, I can only see the lights they're giving off, you see...I'm blind...", Hex replied.

Harry blinked at this, "Oh...well, I'm glad I am not the only one who at least knows they're here. Most deer seem to overlook them...", the fawn speaks, "Though I think all fawns can see them."

The fairy floated close to Hex's face, "It's time for the ceremony. Are you ready for your transformation?", she asked

"Transformation? I don't understand...", she replied.

Harry chuckled, "I guess they didn't tell you what we do on the solstices."

Hex tilted her head, "That's right, today is...well...was the Summer Solstice. So, what is the ceremony?"

Before she got her answer, the fairy, as well as several others, began to use their powers on the two. They slowly shrunk down to the same size as the fairies, and both grew fantastic butterfly wings that shimmered every color of the rainbow, and were given their own glowing auras - Hex was a lovely shade of violet, and Harry was given a warm orange glow. The fawn finally saw the fairies around him much better, smiling to them, "Wow! This is much more amazing than I expected!"

Hex blinked, "Oh...am I...are we...tiny?", she asked, now feeling the wings on her back. "Yes, Hex, you and the others we have chosen for the ceremony have been transformed into fairies!", one of the magical beings replied. "Come, the ceremony will take place in the branches of your Old Oak."

Harry watched as several of the glowing beings, as well as many other shrunken deer, flew off to the sky. There were so many that it was hard to tell them apart from the stars above. He tried his best, feeling his wings flutter almost on their own. Soon he had lifted off from the ground. "Come on! It's not that hard!", he called down to Hex. The doe took a breath, and tried as well, as her own rainbow wings flapped more gracefully. She felt herself let go from the ground, but the blind doe was a bit more scared of this, and soon landed. "I...I can't...I don't know where we're going...", she admitted.

A few of the fairies flew down to her, and placing their hands on her side, spoke, "Don't worry, we'll lead you to the Oak!" The doe slowly nodded, and trying again, she hovered off the ground, and with the help of the fairies, she was guided. The doe was nervous, but their soothing voices calmed her. Even Harry called out, "You're doing great!"

The deer and the fairies were soon at the very top of the Oak, where a great festival was taking place. The entire tree top was glowing a multitude of colors, and all around were hovering crystals that glistened and reflected the lights and colors. Green wisps of flame flickered in mid-air, and golden orbs shimmered above. There were countless fairies here, all laughing and enjoying the celebration. All around were glowing crystal bowls that were filled with exotic berries and clear water. Hex was led to one of these bowls, where she tried some of the fairy food, her mind wandering as she tasted the sweetest flavors imaginable. All the while Harry's eyes were filled with wonder, as he even saw things he never expected such as goldfish swimming through the air and water spirits who zipped by with their liquid bodies.

"This is...incredible!", he gasped in awe.

Hex sighed, "I can only imagine what you are seeing...", she spoke.

Hex's guardian fairy approached her here, "You won't have to, Hex.", and placing her hand over the doe's eyes, her vision returned to her. "I'm afraid it is only for tonight, I understand your gifts of foresight only work with blindness, but, well...we wouldn't want you to miss the celebration."

The doe's eyes widened, as vision returned to her, and she could not believe what she was seeing. "Oh my goodness...this is much more than I could ever dream of!", she exclaimed. She finally got a good look at her guardian - a fairy with golden hair and an elegant white gown, covered with vines and yellow roses. She smiled to her doe, "It's time, you are welcome to participate too."

"What do we do?", Harry asked. Another fairy, one with a bright red glow, chuckled and replied, "Just come up to the sky with us."

The fairies all around, who were sitting on the big branches of the Oak, soon were fluttering their wings and rising up to the sky. It was here Hex and Harry could see them all - there had to have been a billion of them, all different colors, ascending into the heavens. The doe looked to her new friend, "Ready?", she asked. Harry smiled, "Of course!"

And the two fluttered their own wings and rose with the rest of the fairies and their guests. As the countless multitudes of magical beings gathered in the sky, they formed a long ribbon of beautiful color that stretched across the sky. Those fairies of the same color all came together here, so Harry went off with the ones of orange glow, and Hex was led to the ones who shimmered violet. Many of the deer who slept were awoken by this, and raising their heads, they were amazed to see a beautiful aurora in the sky.

The celebration lasted for several moments, where the fairies revealed their light to the world below. Here, everyone could see them, and as many of the older deer thought it was just an Abiogenesis event, the younger ones knew for sure that the fairies who loved and protected them were dancing in the sky.

But it wasn't just the fairies, for Harry, Hex, and many others were dancing as well, on an unforgettable night.


The morning sun arose, and the doe yawned, sitting up. Everything was a blur, her blindness had returned. But as she moved, she realized someone was next to her. Harry was sound asleep, his head resting on her side. She could see the faint orange glow, the silhouette of a young deer there. She smiled, and closing her eyes, she returned to her own slumber.

Both dreamed of the wonderful night before, and hoped they would never forget to enjoy the beauties of this world.

The End

8D I love how this is coming

8D I love how this is coming along.
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I had to stop for a moment so

I had to stop for a moment so I could decide what I wanted to happen. But I was going to try to write this story today, if not it might get some later and some tomorrow Eye

Okay, take your time. So far

Okay, take your time. So far I'm loving it. (:
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Finished, enjoy

Finished, enjoy Eye