Lovely! I enjoy how all the

I enjoy how all the individual strokes you put in forms this clear and fluid image.
This, and the shapes make it satisfying to look at, like listening to a melody.
( Also, the way you stylized the antlers gave me a thought that it'd be fun to draw a deer with pictogram-shaped horns. I don't think anyone's done it before )

Wow - what an immensely

Wow - what an immensely thoughtful & detailed response! Thank you:) I'm stumbling back here after nearly a decade-long hiatus, so I didn't expect the community to still be present.

That's such a good idea regarding the pictogram antlers! Some of the pictograms have a graceful swooshing design that would work well for the curvature of antlers. Other generations are a bit harsher and more angular - though they still could work. I might give it a try.

Hah, welcome back. It's still

Hah, welcome back. It's still here, the players are here, though I heard they're more active on TEF's unofficial discord server, these days.
I prefer this site, myself (for the structure and the nostalgia, likely).

Yes, exactly. And the disjointed or overlapping geometric shapes could be a fun challenge to draw looking natural somehow, just floating there above a deer's head, barely attached.
Looking forward to the possible future drawings, either way. Curious to see more in this style.