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Something I posted on the forum last night that applies to this picture:

"It is absolutely moving to see how we all come together to support Deer007 in the wake of Ina's (Run's) death. It is amazing to see how people from all over the world come together to express our solidarity.

The people behind the stag avatars all have their own lives and worries, but they have all come together to support Deer007 and one another. This is an online game that is avaible to most places in the world. The people who play this game speak different native languages, hold different political opinions, and come from different ethnic backgrounds. It is amazing to see how despite not being able to chat in the game, a large group of people can spontaneously agree to honor someone in a small, yet heartfelt ritual. Even the administrators/creators, Michael and Auriea, showed their compassion by erecting the memorial.

Another thing that amazes me that people are doing things that they would normally be annoyed by. When a large group of us were walking through the woods, I was amazed how people were willing to adopt the same red pelts and agree to sit at the same site. It was moving to see so many people put on and cast the devout pelt, and we all know how many of us feel about having someone cast the devout pelt on us. People were sneezing off and coughing up spells so the mood would not be broken.

All these modest actions together are more moving than the largest Papal funeral. Again, I thank Michael and Auriea for putting so much thought and knowledge of the human condition into a game about one of the world's more gentle creatures.

Little pissant squabbles that happen here from time to time mean nothing in a community like this. We can have our disagreements, but we can all be friends in the end.

I love you all."

It's still true, and will always be.
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ooh. that's a nice shot of

ooh. that's a nice shot of Seed from behind, and a great picture in general.
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Thanks. Smiling
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
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That is indeed a gorgeous

That is indeed a gorgeous screenshots. I kept trying to make sure no one fell behind, hence why I'm the only deer facing the wrong way. xD
Beautiful, it matches that little bit of writing perfectly. <3
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Whoa- who died?

Whoa- who died?