Sillyness and Such

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Sunday I awoke and it was raining, I ran around in the forest for a bit until I found Seele and a group of fawns and began to play wth them XD. I then saw a lone deer at the Ruins who I think was Pepokeen and wanted to see if they would play, I took Seele with me to check them out, but...all they wanted to do was sit in the corner so we left them be. We found another deer who wanted to play with us and they joined me in pillar dancing XD. Poor Seele missed out on a pillar and went in the middle. We then began to dance in the statue and then the trees XD

Shortly after Seele had to go and it was just me and the other deer (I dont know your name D: ). We then stumbled across Quamar at the pond and a group of Fawns. We began to mess around in the water and then on the river bank. Quamar then wanted to go to the Great Oak so I followed him and we rested there for a bit.

I heard afterwards that the gods had entered the forest and made it turn to dusk. But I missed it.


The next day however when I went into the forest it was red. But when I tried to find other deer they didnt do Raz my human had to intervene...although we did stop to take an image:

A short time later I was back in the forest, and felt like messing around at the Ruins X)
Hehehehe I can see yoooou!


Not long after I was joined by Seele and was turned Devout by another deer.

After running around and leaping everywhere we were joined by another deer, who I've seen before but dont know your name. They spent a short time with us and we became a Deer Totem

Seele and I then began to play around the trees XD
Treepole Dancing XDD

When suddenly Mitra appeared X3

Seele then left and it was just Mitra and I so we messed around a whole lot XD

Hahahaha! Wheee!

Then we heard Sluggs calling out and he came trotting up to us. He then wanted us to help him pelt up and get the Magpie set so we did :]


He got the whole set we started running around 8D. And we were joined by Saan and someone else:

And who then should join us? but Halogen! 8D and we all merged into one big dancing multi-deer

But sadly not long after that I had to depart. See you later!


You had quite an eventful

You had quite an eventful day, then! xD
I took LOADS of pictures of our mutant-triplet deer monster thingy :3
that was fun :B
see you in the forest!
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Aah! And who misses out on

Aah! And who misses out on all the fun again? I had to leave for dinner by that time XD So stupid. But allright. We did have a lot of fun ^^ And you really had a busy day indeed XD TREEPOLEDANCINGGG 8D

--Stays a lonely Seele
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Saan: Lol yeah XD So did I

Saan: Lol yeah XD
So did I but most of them were obscured by the touching deer aura thing. Though you can still see the many legs and heads xDDD

Seele: Lol Dinner, that always happens to me. I'm having fun on TEF and then its dinner time and I have to go. Though usually now I have to go cos its WAY past my bedtime lol

~See you in the Forest 8D

The stag with the white

The stag with the white antlers, deer mask and black pelt is my little Mycelium. He was rather confused by the mass of deer dancing, though ^^;
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Draak youre quite the card

Draak youre quite the card with the ruin pictures! Hillarious!
Damn i missed the red forest! I was in the rain however, but had to leave.
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Cherishedreams: Ah ok, nice

Cherishedreams: Ah ok, nice to meet you XD. Yes Draak and co are a bunch of very silly deer XD

Feathercrest: 8D hehehe
Yeah I missed the true red forest too...I dunno how I got that glitched red forest O_o