Is silliness contagious?

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I think the Triangle's finally retaliating against me...

I'm sinking! 8O

I met a newly stagified Feathercrest (I believe) today. Had a mishap while sniffing, though:

Then Seed arrived and greeted us, but Feathercrest took off. *shrug*

I was unusually hyper today (I blame my human's mood rubbing off on me!), so I was really energetic. I wanted to run around like crazy!
So we did. =] And hopped around in circles, as well as walked backwards. I even ended up moon-walking. =D

Nights came over and we danced a bit:

Moon-walking again:

I wish I knew how to do that on command.

After that we couldn't decide what to do. I was looking around at the surrounding trees, trying to spot good ones for "carousel deer", but there weren't many appropriate trees nearby.
But then Seed decided what we should do next. We ran towards the lake.

I love water-walking. =] We even danced on the water. But somehow Seed fell in and lost his set. =( So I helped him get it back.

And we finally became carousel deer!

Sqish and Squeegie (sp?) joined us. =] I think that other deer thought we were all crazy. XD

We all danced, and during the dance Seed had to go. =( Seeya next time, buddy!
Squeegie disappeared sometime, too, except...

8O Sleep-slider!
Of course, I had to sit-slide chase him. X]

And Echo came over, too. (I think Sluggs had just left, because I recall seeing both their pictos together on the radar before.)
Commence tree-dance!

Redkora arrived during this. I wonder if he was questioning our sanity. XD

Echo vanished from the Forest afterwards, so Sqish and I were sad. =(
But we all started dancing and soon cheered up again. =]
Then a random fawn came over and wanted spells to be cast, which led to a mask-spamming party!

This was followed by an antler-spamming party, too, but I don't have any more pictures. ^^; Redkora left in the middle of it. Seeya.

My human's hyperness had worn off by this point (What's it called? A caffeine low?), and I was feeling the effects, so with a bow, I settled down in a nearby violet patch for a long nap.

Until next time...
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That was a lot of fun XD I

That was a lot of fun XD I don't know why but I was very hyper myself, so Sqish naturally followed my example and was bouncing all over the place. But how did you and Seed jump in place without having to lie down?

Echo and Sluggs were on earlier, but apparently Echo was having internet issues, so I didn't have much fun hanging around a deer that just... stood there :/. At least she could come and play a bit later.
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We did have to lie down, but

We did have to lie down, but in order to stand back up and hop in place, you need to have "listen" or "dance" set as a hotkey and use that to stand back up. =]
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Sorry for leaving so soon.

Sorry for leaving so soon. My controls were acting up a little bit and I needed to get off and on to correct it.
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
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Lol, that was pretty fun.

Lol, that was pretty fun. xD Especially when we were all dancing in the tree.
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XD yes i did seem to have a

XD yes i did seem to have a little mishap while sniffing! Sorry that i took off like that, twas for no reason.