Seed's Poetry Corner: Where We Are When the World Stops

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To celebrate my sweet, lovely Peyton's return, I have composed a sonnet. Qhen I am in a less over-enthused mood I'll go back and edit.

Where We Are When the World Stops

When the world and its time stop
we are all frozen in the here and now.
a squirrel in mid-climb never reaches the top
of tree, and is left trapped in a bough.

A leaf hovers in the middle of a fall,
No longer intent on reaching the ground.
A deer's body's tensed in the act of a call
that ceases before it's escaped, the sound

trapped, much the same all other deer
even those in the arc of a long, graceful flight,
or those caught in a moment of laughter or tears,
or even those trapped in a regrettable fight.

Each moment's forever, time ceases to be
just as it does now because you're next to me.

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<3 That's so sweet, Seed.

<3 Smiling That's so sweet, Seed.
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That is a beautiful

That is a beautiful sonnet...I am speechless.
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