Seed's Poetry Corner: Two For Christmas

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I know it's been a very short time since the last poem, but...well...the snow and the music was just so nice that I had to write something. I'm not too sure on the second one, though: Villanelles are hard...Extra Nuzzles if you can guess the first poem's form: I've used it before... does anyone read these, or is my audience basically me?


Sitting in the falling snow,
I watch the horizon fade to white.
And there's a silence I only know
when sitting in the falling snow.
It falls around me, feathery-slow --
shimmering around me in the light
as I sit in the falling snow,
watching the horizon fade to white.

Reverberant Refrain

To everything a different song,
for the dream and for the dance:
The whistle of flutes, the tones of a gong

We dance in groups, a teeming throng
In circles or lines if we get the chance
To make a different song

We hear it if we dream too long,
music from inside our trance:
the whistle of flutes, the tones of a gong.

We hear it coming, strange and strong
and to the twin gods' hill we glance:
Everyone hears that different song.

Oh, it's real, we're not wrong,
towards that hill we run and prance:
is that the whistle of flutes, the tones of a gong?

To remind us that we all belong,
It sounds across this great expanse:
For the snowy day a different song,
with the whistles of flutes and the tone of a gong.

((Gosh-darn you, Seed...How dare you make me write a villanelle... >:<
edit: oops, forgot to put in the Seed's Poetry corner bit))

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Very pretty! :DD I've been

Very pretty! :DD I've been thinking of a book that could be published one day, featuring the poems, short stories, artwork of all the TEF players! Do you think maybe we could use one of your pretty poems and put it together with a pretty picture? I especially like that one fairy tale you did a while ago. Tell me what you think of this idea ;D Nothing's certain yet, though, its just an idea cx

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I would be willing to allow

I would be willing to allow such a thing ((I like the fairytale, too, and I'm considering doing another, as soon as I find a good plot))

Nelle Rovine