Seed's Poetry Corner: A Poem of Birds

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I've always felt I should write a poem about the birch forest birds. They're perhaps my favorite animal in the forest -- they're much more sociable than the other little creatures (except, perhaps, the dragonfly), and so often unnoticed. This is the first, and will probably not be the last.

A Poem of Birds

She whispers the earth, bedecked in sunset colors;
She whispers stalks of wild green and gold, heavy with seed;
She whispers the wind that carries her along;
She whispers the way it slices and slides between her feathers;
She whispers the piteousness of doves and the dissimilation of birds;
She whispers birch trees turned to twigs, and deer as a bright cacaphony of ants;
She whispers an unimaginable sky, rosy pink or blue or white at the edges;
She whispers these into the ears of poets and nameless stags alike, if they welcome, empty-antlered.

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Wonderful poetry <333 n.n I

Wonderful poetry <333 n.n I always love seeing poems about the Forest itself, so yeah :3

-- Dannii <3

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Thank you ^^ and thank

Thank you ^^
and thank Taliene, too; she got Seed out of "sulky unhappy" state of mind and into "poetry-writing pensive" state of mind.

Nelle Rovine

Yay? 8DD <3 -- Dannii

Yay? 8DD <3

-- Dannii <3

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A very nice poem! My deer

A very nice poem! My deer also like the Birch forest birds, they always come so close <3

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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Unfortunately I and Mordred

Unfortunately I and Mordred do not like the Birch Forest. Too...well, it doesn't feel safe. And it's too bright. He dispises feeling too hot under the relentless Birch Forest sun.

Still, this is a poem that describes the birds there prefectly.

"If you add 'annoying' and 'noisy' and-"

Shut up, Mor. This is a beautiful poem.