Seed's Poetry Corner: Peace

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I wish I could have found a better title: suggestions?


I watch them dream:
their eyelids flicker,
their bodies' twitching and murmuring
silenced through sleep,
the sound of the soft breath
of dreams drowned out by rainfall.
They are still, these innocents,
washed clean by a just sleep
and the rain's gentle touch.

Everything -- the raindrops,
the bodies, the grand expanse
of Forest -- moves with a rythm
of perfect stillness.

((This has been another visit to Seed's Poetry Corner.))
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How beautiful

How beautiful :3

_________________________Peppa; The Piebald
_________________________Peppa; The Piebald
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It was written when Seed was

It was written when Seed was with sleeping Peppa and...I actually have no idea who that other deer was. But now Peppa officially has a poem that is sort of about her.

Nelle Rovine