Seed's Poetry Corner: Haiku on Yesterday and Today

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I dreamt half of these yesterday, but did not sit down to adequately compose them until sitting with Darkweaver and Bastilion this evening.


the world dunked in bleach:
the shades of trees grow today,
and ghost deer frolic.

White with holes cut out
like the insides of snowflakes:
black flowers on ground.


A jewel from a god's eye
made of sea-water and light,
set in foggy woods.

The Fog rolls in gasps,
warm breath floating in cold air,
life across stillness.

((This has been yet another of the increasingly-frequent visits to Seed's Poetry Corner. Anyone who guesses what I'm referencing with the "this has been another visit to Seed's Poetry Corner" gets a cookie.))
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Seed, Read My 1st Blog

Seed, Read My 1st Blog