Seed's Poetry Corner: Dandelions

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I do so love dandelions; the Twin Gods must be very happy recently, to give us such blessings day after day.


Oh, to bloom!
You live a life outside
of the unchanging never-seasons
of the forest, for a moment brought
to the true glory of spring newly-sprung;

You are soft, your stems so pliable,
your heads so weighty and so proud,
so delicately fringed in florescent gold;

You know then transformation, wild forest magics --
to be one thing and then another, to hold the two
inside of you, balancing like ecology;

you know the blessings of the gods and mirror
the bright light of the risen sun;

You know, for a moment, what we sometimes know:
you know what it is to bloom.

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Beautiful I especially like

Beautiful Smiling I especially like the first stanza.

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