Seed's poetry corner: The Butterflies

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The Butterflies

A flicker of light
flutters through clustering blooms,
hinting at blue and purple as it moves.
It soars and darts among its fellows,
dancing on some fickle wind.
they swarm and fall apart,
Identical until one sees
the tiny markings on their wings,
the silver veins, the blue-white dust.
They hide among the lilacs
and are stirred up,
like memories,
only by hoofbeats,
by laughter.

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Beautiful! Timber was

Beautiful! Timber was honestly laying in the flowers today, thinking of the butterflies...
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Oh, that is lovely! <3~ I

Oh, that is lovely! <3~

I saw a closeup of a butterfly the other day and it was quite pretty, just how your poem described them!
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That describes the

That describes the butterflies perfectly! I love the butterflies, it's nice to sit in the flowers while the flutter about.
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i like the poem

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Very Good! :)

Very Good! Smiling :)