Seed's Poetry Corner: Being Real

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There was a sentence I think I maybe should have added; does the poem serve without it? I don't know. There was another sentence like that, but I think the title replaces it well enough.
I wrote this about The Rut, and dear Virgil was my specific muse. I'm sorry if I made it (and him) sound worse than it (and he) is... The start of the last stanza struck me first, in relation to the title and a cut lines, so I had to build that.

Being Real

He poses and struts, he dreams
of war and sex.
Bleached by the blinding fog,
he charges. he roars, and the sound
rips into the clouded air
like the howl of a wolf.

Is that what it means, then?
The clatter of antlers;
the smashing of sharp hooves;
the red flesh of some soft thing
gained or lost by this and only this?

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Haha, rutters. xD Suppose it

Haha, rutters. xD
Suppose it pretty much sums up the deer instinct? 8D

Good job with it! Though I must confess I didn't understand too well but I fail at poetry. x) <3

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I was going for both kind of

I was going for both kind of summing up "real deer" instinct, and sort of an undercurrent that the speaker, IE, Seed, could/wouldn't be willing to be "real." Seed, being a tree turned to a straight-up TEF magic-deer is about as far-removed from being a real deer like Virgil is as nearly possible.

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You're too good <3 [Sir

You're too good <3

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