Seed's Poetry Corner: Two Valentine's Day Poems (2014)

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I love Valentines Day, so let's have a couple of poems I wrote while wandering.

The Rosy Sky

The sky tumbles, cloud-line cracks
in the rosy horizon, peeling off
flushed pieces of heaven, sending
petals with the arc of the sky
in their veins cascading, cascading.

A Distant Valentine

The petals settle on my back and ears,
like rain, landing on my face
with soft touches, the brief brushing
like a whisper, like the full, rounded
tones of an an "I love you,"
colored like the flush of first love,
unexpected as a reminder, a love
you've kept inside so long as to forget.
And so the love collects around, like snow.

They fall in the arc of the sky,
tumbling over me in freefall -- over
the horizon, only in a brush.
They coat the bottom of the lake scarlet.
they're tissues for a weeping idol,
they're flowers for the dead.
The petals dissolve into koi
over the fountain -- and into
the mouths of the twin gods,
who whisper their love endlessly.

So I am sure: The sky is vast enough
That all our "I Love Yous" might somehow reach.

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These are both absolutely

These are both absolutely beautiful ♥ I love the way the first poem "flows" into the other.
In fact, both of the poems just seem to flow so effortlessly. The way they`re worded make me feel almost melancholy and content at the same time. Great job ♥
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Absolutely lovely work, as

Absolutely lovely work, as always. <3
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Aw, thank both of you! @

Aw, thank both of you!

@ Poppyflower: Melancholy yet content is a good way to describe Seed's mood when he wrote this. The two were originally one poem, that I sort of ended up separating because I liked the first poem here too much to cut it, but it also played with a different metaphor than the rest, and doesn't contribute to the second poem much. Seed's probably kicking himself for not finding a way to pull them back together -- that's just his style. *shrug* These things happen.
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Eep, double-post.

Eep, double-post.