Seed's Poetry Corner: Star Flakes

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The title comes from Sage's comment on the snow, after we ran around in it for a while last night. My thanks. I hope you all enjoy.

Star Flakes

Against the blackness of the woods
the fading blue midnight of the horizon
the wafting snowflakes are stars:
And so the deer, running in the night
is a burning supergiant, a short-lived
firework supernova, a crimson figure
for the stars to tumble
onto as she rushes to meet them
and fade into oblivion,
leaving a chill scent
of comets in her fur.

((I'm doing homework, so I'll link this to the index later.))
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*devours* Amazing.


Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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NUuuuuu! I need the poem to

NUuuuuu! I need the poem to be not in someone's belly so it can be read!

Also, thank you.