Seed's Poetry Corner: A Poem of Another World

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I apologize for my absence, friends; The gods are trying to open the doors... to a different place in the forest, a different version of the forest. I've been there, and have, at least, something to say of it; perhaps more.

Of Another World

No stirring in the trees.
No butterflies bob as the court eachother.
No deer laugh, or dance.

The ground is whole, untrod upon;
Snow drifts in still air,
air so dark that the flakes seem to glow.

On the hill, the statues glow and hum
And there, among the only music in the forest,
sit you and I, awake in a land of dreams.

((This has been another visit to Seed's Poetry Corner))
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What a beautiful and creative

What a beautiful and creative take on the other server. I really enjoyed reading this. (:
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Thank you ^^

Thank you ^^