Seed's Poetry Corner: A Love Letter

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The poem is the explanation for the poem, I think; Only stopping to note that this has been on my mind.
A note from a later date: I suppose I should at least give some context, for a reader besides myself. As Sage, my love, is so often away, I've tried my hoof at writing letters to her, and she seems most fond of the notion. And so...

A Love Letter

I read the breeze that rushes
along the feathers of birds aflight
as an omen that, rising, hushes
me to silence. I think I might

take pen to sheet of bark pulled tight
and thinly beaten to take ink.
Oh, to use that voice you praise and write
to form between our distant hearts a link.

When the moment's come, I balk, I shrink;
my mind draws naught but clumsy, idle words,
scratched out out and pressed too far, I think:
I've no letter to send, even on the flight of birds.

Except to say simply "You are in my thoughts,
sending my breath into sighs, my words into knots."

((More of Seed's poetry can, logically enough, be found through the Seed's Poetry Corner Collection))

All of your poems are so

All of your poems are so captivating and amazing, I can't even. Seriously -- you could be an author if you wanted.
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Well, I am writing a novel at

Well, I am writing a novel at the moment ^^
But thank you -- I'm always happy to receive such fine praise.

..Of course, it occurs to me now that there is rather some work Seed's commentary could be doing, in terms of explaining context -- I've let that slip some, and should edit accordingly.