Seed's Poetry Corner: Infinite Complexity

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I was visited by my daughter tonight in the rain... I may not be the most reliable father, but I at least wanted to share my love in a poem. I always treasure our time together.

Infinite Complexity

A little riddle to unravel
a little arrow flying through time
darting seemlessly in and out
of my field of vision,
like a white cloud of bird in the summer sky.

Or a sudden peal of sun
on a day I thought was rainy --
unexpected, pounding down
in the effervescence of air motes
and the sudden golden glow across my heart --
somehow never quite a shock, somehow
never less than a miracle:

The feeling, just when I
had abandoned that feeling --
of turning and seeing
that something still nests
in my branches; something's grown
up through the treefalls to stand
in the clearing at my side --

It's really,
very, quite

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<3 She certainly missed being around her father too. It was a great time, despite being short.

Lovely work as always! I always enjoy reading your work.
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Yeah, sorry about cutting it

Yeah, sorry about cutting it short: I was basically exhausted. I basically posted this and went to bed last night, tee-hee.

Thank you.