Seed's Poetry Corner: I Give My Orders to Myself

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I Give My Orders to Myself:

March. Follow after them,
even if your legs can't bring themselves to bound
even if your heart sinks like cold air.
Watch them dash, tearing up the world --
and linger after, trailing your hooves.

Move. Follow their rhythm, a step too slow
and wonder what the music that they hear is
when everything you sing's an elegy
to some bygone sunny day
(for a minute, her phantom's brushing, muzzle
to my cheek, and my breath draws sharp)

Make-believe, just for their eyes
that something in you's still whole
some butterfly thing of irredescent wings
some charming twist of light.
(Don't let them see the future --
the one she asked me if I still saw once --
that's lying like broken-glass caltrops).

Join them, just don't let them see
Joy's too fragile a thing to waste.

((Well, apparenly Seed's not too talkative today, so allow me to link you back to Seed's Poetry Corner Where you can also go read some other poems))

This tugs at my heartstrings

This tugs at my heartstrings and I love it for that.
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Agreed with Tera. It's a

Agreed with Tera. It's a really lovely piece, but then again I love all of your work. I guess some pieces like this one just really stand out to me.
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Thank you both. I always try and get people to feel in response to what I write.
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Love the sharpness of the

Love the sharpness of the commands to self. Love the open imaginary that hints at endless forest but at the same time can be applied to the daily worlds we live in. Love the haunting, restless feeling it invokes in me each time I read it as if something is not quite done or finished or maybe more likely a beginning not quite formed, but sensed. Delicious!

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Why, thank you very much!

Why, thank you very much! It's so nice to find really good compliments have been left while I'm asleep.
You're quite the poetry fan, I take it?
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Yes. I like all types. It is

Yes. I like all types. It is the painting of a picture, event, or emotions with words that fascinate me. I like it when it is open for interpretation. I found the poem interesting because it had a foot in both worlds. Smiling Hope you have sweet dreams.