Seed's Poetry Corner: The Fog

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I've no interest in the spells he has to offer... But all the same, I'm a little fascinated by the Big Zombie. So, whenever I see him, there's a poem in it. He's a grand muse...So maybe I love him, in my own way.

The Fog

drips off his antlers and crowds near his head,
pressing against his half-rotten flesh.
He is preserved in the moment of rotting,
the action of decay stopped like a step
that never reaches the ground.
He smells like death, and the fog
drinks its smell and pulls it close.

The rest of the year, the fog comes
and goes without festivity, a collection
of water and air. But in his shadow, th world
seems wild and full of pressing bodies
in the dark. So it trails desperately
after his steps, and echoes backwards music.

It wants to capture something new in itself, something unknown --
it wraps him, his smell of death, his terror,
his great antlered majesty like splayed wings --
in itself, to taste his life. The fog swarms with glee for this.

And we wrap around him like the fog.

((Wow, Seed has a lot of poems at this point. You can see them at Seed's Poetry Corner Collection....Also, I better get to writing that poem for Illrose. I think I have something half-gestated now.))
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~sits and listens,

~sits and listens, enraptured.~

I love this, Seed. <3 You have absolutely no Idea. You've inspired me.
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Awww, thank oyu! Glad I could

Awww, thank oyu! Glad I could be of some assistance, then: I hope to see what comes out of that inspiration.
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I like this. It displays the

I like this. It displays the power and mysteries of Velocity really well. :')

And, poem for Illrose? I'm intrigued. x'D
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Someone asked for a gift-poem

Someone asked for a gift-poem for you around the time of your birthday, but it's taken me a while to both get an idea going and have time to do it. Her being pregnant actually helps, since it gives me room to add a bit of sentimentality and something unexpectedly to the dragon comparisons I have in mind. We'll see how well my idea works...
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Oh, I see. :') Well, I look

Oh, I see. :')
Well, I look forward to see the result of that, it sounds interesting. :b
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Hmm, I like where you put the

Hmm, I like where you put the line cuts. It works well. I also like the fact that the title is a part of the poem itself. Well done on imagery too, especially in the first few lines! Fog dripping is a very curious and fitting image.
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Thank you! I very rarely do a

Thank you! I very rarely do a title as part of the poem, but I like seeing it done, and this just worked really well.
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I love this! It's so visual!

I love this! It's so visual!
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