Seed's Poetry Corner: Festival of Lights

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This is such a lovely New Year's Eve, much more festive than last year. And a good party deserves a good poem. It will have to accept my offering, instead. Ha.

Festival of Lights

The little flames flicker
into the last night of the year,
sizzling against the cold of the snow.

As the deer amass,
their bodies tangle and weave.
they frolic from point to point,
antlers streaming like a comet's tail.
Bubbles arise from their voices
and reflect the irredescent, cool night.
They dance together, each bobbing to a song
sung in the rythm of the bright snow.

And they give rise to such light
that the mightiest candle
is but a faint, distant star.

((This has been yet another visit to Seed's Poetry Corner. In the text of the next few poems, I will be putting bits of a secret message. First person to post at the index with a message gets a special surprise! This poem's message piece is "Gi"))
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Oh how lovely! I love this!

Oh how lovely! I love this!

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Thanks ^^