Seed's Poetry Corner: The Deer who Sleeps in Water (For Scape)

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This is a little something I wrote when thinking back over the years to my very first friendship, and it stands in honor of that.

The Deer Who Sleeps in Water
There's something of the water about you:
something of the hills that roll like ocean waves,
that you come flying off of to hover, point-perfect, in the air;
Maybe it's the river-running water, mixing blue with staining berries
dripping like sweet and giddy wine off of your lips.

Could it be the tears of mine
that you've endured, letting them pool
into the fur of your neck, patient as a stone?

Or the water that we rest on, eyes heavenward,
floating downstream like the sticks and leaves,
laughing at the world that's pooled out around us?

No, it's just the water, still clinging
as I cling, to your ankles:
the water that you met me on that day,
ripples pooling about our hooves, the future mirrored beneath us...
The future where you were my brother,
that formed in our reflections that day.

There's something of love about you,
hidden like your sleeping-stones,
shining through the water.

((This was another incredibly bromance-filled visit to Seed's Poetry Corner. This was also a gift poem for Pega, Request Yours Today!))
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This made me smile. =]

This made me smile. =]
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Good. Then it has fulfilled

Good. Then it has fulfilled its one and only purpose!
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This made me smile as well.