Seed's Poetry Corner: Chains of Beads (For Misako)

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This has been pulled from Seed's archives while he's...Indisposed... for the sake of a scene with Misako's Verve. She's quite an interesting figure for him.

Chains of Beads

She leaves trails of necklaces in her wake.
The beads file down the line,
clink. Clink. The sound
counterpoint to the play
of chitin, the threads
long as her slender legs
her world-transcending neck.
each little glass jewel sparkles
in her eyes, hitting
the air like crystal thoughts,
and she orders them
into dreams, into signs, charming
the universe into order,
spread connected as a spider's web.
Behind her, the click of beads;
Before her, the summer-heat whirr
of cicadas rising like a stormhead.

((This has been another visit to Seed's Poetry Corner))
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Gosh I've been reading this

Gosh I've been reading this multiple times now, and I'm still out of words! I'm really digging this, it seems you took your time to read up on her and understand the character before you wrote it. It fits extremely well. It feels outer wordly, but with the end you kind of draw the reader back on the ground bringing in something as recogniseable as the noise of cicadas. Which is a really nice bug to associate with her too.
Anyway, thank you very much for thinking of her ♥. She means a lot to me as a character, this is really nice ^^
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I'm glad you like it ^^ I

I'm glad you like it ^^ I just think she's really cool, and the amount of work and dedication you've put into doing stuff surrounding her is just amazing...So I tried to capture some of that awesome in the poem.