Seed Poetry Corner: A Time for Reflection

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Oh, how lovely...Today, the forest is just such a lovely New Year's moment that I had to say something while I danced.

A Time for Reflection

The overlapping spheres hang in the dusky sky,

an irradescant aurora of bubbles
reflect the forest distorted:

reflect the spotted mushrooms
and flashing fireflies,

reflect the blazing candles
that push the bubbles even further,

reflecting in their glossy skins
the shining lights of deer who prayed

them up, up into the cool night air
to see the world in the twilight of a year,

trembling like the encroaching stars.

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I always like reflections

I always like reflections especially in bubbles. Somehow the world or forest seems friendlier that way.Smiling
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Friendly, huh? That's a cool

Friendly, huh? That's a cool way to look at it... Yeah, like you always have a companion, everywhere you look.
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Exactly. You can make it

Exactly. You can make it happen at your desire and command like a fairy tale. Smiling