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I think I've finally decided on a general idea of what Esmerée is going to look like (but still too lazy to draw it *shot*), enough to at least get her connections started. To role-play with this girl, though, just be sure to have a character that can withstand being around her! Though she may appear small and gentle, she is - in realty - far from that; practicing magics of all sorts, the fragile-appearing doe isn't the type to hold back from using her powers, even if the subject is otherwise defenseless. To get along remotely with this enchantress, you must first get past her initial I-hate-you-and-everything-about-you phase upfront. After that is all said and done, she's... okay. If you enjoy being used as an occasional experiment for new spells, then she'll be perfect company. Other than that, not quite so much.

With that being said, I'm looking for several people (around five) to start out role-playing her with! I personally don't mind who she meets, but for your character's sake, it may be best that they're stronger than her (physically, that's not a problem *cough* she's a midget *cough*). She doesn't like fawns in the least bit, but will tolerate them if she finds a way to put the young ones to good use. When it comes to stags, she's a flirt and a tease in the beginning, normally trying to put them under some form of spell that would bring humor to the youthful hind. As for those of her own gender, she has formed a unique fascination with female behavior. She generally looks down upon does due to their almost-always lack of power, but a select handful have managed to gain her attention for the better.

Now, are you still interested in role-playing with her? Great! I'm thoroughly looking forward to her making a few acquaintances! If you'd like to meet up with this girl, feel free to either post a response to this thread or send an email on over to .

Thank you for your consideration!

Thread is finished. c:

Thread is finished. c: Applications may now start.


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