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I've been rattling this idea in my head for a while, and wanted to combine some ideas from previous stories into a new one.

The story would be a remake of my idea of Quad transforming into the Supreme Talux (Thanks again to Terabetha for the artwork), and now unable to control himself, he creates havoc in the Endless Forest. It is up to the Endless Forest deer and a few unlikely heroes to come up with a plan to subdue the raging Supreme Talux.

I will most likely need volunteers for the story, but I will get to those when I have everything decided. Also there will be 7 chapters to the story, each inspired by 7 songs in which the title of each chapter is named after. I also will have a surprise ending Eye

I need to decide if Noctuis will be in owl or boar form too. The last story I wrote with him, he had changed to boar form, but who knows...I know you guys kind of like him as an owl, so I may just stick with owl.

Anyway, I did want to share a few tidbits of the story. These are tentative and may not appear exactly in the story as I write them, but it will express a few parts of the story. Enjoy


"Oh my Twin Gods, the prophecy! The comet has come! We are doomed! Doomed!!", the blind seer was crying. Pema ran to her side, holding Hex as she continued to stare at the sky, and continued to cry out, "It's the end of the world! The comet has come! We are doomed!!" In the sky was a bright blue comet, streaking slowly and letting off a blue glow in the place.


"Quad! It's Zephyr, shes--", someone said, and Quad ran in the direction they came from. He slid to a halt, staring and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

There, laying by the Pond, was Zephyr. She was not moving, not breathing...


"You want revenge for the death of your daughter, yes?", the white infection spoke, "You want to destroy Iugulare?"

Quad, shivering and grunting in anger, stared Noctuis in the eye, "If she was the cause of this...I'll kill her!"

"Good, will want this!", and with the words he spoke, Noctuis struck a blue radioactive crystal into Quad's forehead. It made him cry out in pain and stumble back, and almost immediately the transformation took form. He became bigger, his wings expanded, white feathers covering him as his body changed...


"He just leveled an entire section of the First Forest...", one of the deer spoke as they looked out on what was now a disaster zone. The trees were knocked down and littered the area, and all around were deer who were walking around, shocked to see the damage to the Forest.

Even the Twin Gods were there, and they looked to one another. "Michael...we can't...we can't let this continue...", Auriea spoke.

Michael sighed, "Then we will use the relic. He is no longer our champion. Quad will have to die."


Iugulare looked to her friends, and with a sigh, she spoke to them.

"I'm leaving, Nekumbra. There's nothing left for me here."

Anirapio's eye twitched, as she stepped forward, "You can't leave can't leave me here! I must go back to my home!"

"I'll come back for you, Ani...but right now, I can't be here...", the stoat replied, and looked to the stars, "I'll...I'll find my place to rule somewhere else out there..."
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I may give Noctuis a new form

I may give Noctuis a new form through a vote. Would anyone be interested in voting for a new animal form for him?
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If you need any characters,

If you need any characters, mine are always on the table for use. ^^
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Thanks Zerg, I'll definitely

Thanks Zerg, I'll definitely keep your characters in mind.

Err...what would you guys think about Noctuis being an arctic/albino/white fox? XD
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So far I do like Noctus as an

So far I do like Noctus as an owl. This is because a threat from the sky is more insidnious and difficult to face down than a familiar type of foe like a wolf or fox. Plus there's the fact that owls are nocturnal, which makes it more sensable that he'd be active as night, when most animals are sleeping as well as being away from the light which'd burn his infectious hyde.
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Yeah that's a good point, and

Yeah that's a good point, and also having him as a fox may be a bit too similar to having Iugulare as a stoat. I guess I will stick with him being an owl, he would be able to do what I need him to anyway.

Thanks for the input.