The power of a Spirit (rock hound story)

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I wrote a story with the rock hounds with Peirce, but Voice wants to kick some butt too.

As Voice took a glimpse at the lake's reflection, she saw that little silver circle in the sky. Some call it the "Moon". Voice galloped away from the pond and listened to the crickets singing. She could see some deer sleeping in soft patches of grass. Voice wished she could sleep right now. But she couldn't. Voice had a feeling there was trouble coming, and she couldn't sleep on a dark, dangerous, night.

Voice is a ghost. When she was alive she lived with her mother, father, and twin brother as a fawn. One day they found the father's dead body. When Voice grew up, she became more suspicious of her father's death. Then one day her brother killed her. It turned out her brother had killed her father.

Voice tried to search for what was causing her to get this feeling. The crickets' song was interrupted by a sound, like... something was hunting her. "Who's there?" she said, and when no one answered, she started assumed it was her imagination. "Run!" Suddenly, Voice felt something jump onto her back and biting deep into her throat. She screamed as she felt it being pulled off by another deer. Voice turned around and saw a deer with the real deer mask on and the peacock pelt, and he had really huge antlers. The stag was wrestling with a wolf skeleton, which had glowing yellow eyes and icky black stuff all over it. Suddenly she heard a crack, and a yellow crystal fell out of the skull's head. The crystal and the eyes went dim, and the bones scattered apart.

"What... was... th-that?" Voice whispered to the peacock stag. The stag faced her and said, "Rock Hound. A wolf skeleton. They are all after some bluebuck named Quad." he paused. "We better get out of here. Where there is one rock hound theres more." Voice nodded in agreement and they both galloped away.

Once they were sure they were far enough from the site, they searched for shelter. The peacock stag found a little den made out of branches and bushes and they both went in. "I'm Peirce." the stag said. "I'm Voice." Voice replied. "I'm a ghost." she said. Peirce frowned. "I guess I saved you for nothing then," he said. "No, no, what you did was very nice. I would of done the same for, especially since you're not immortal like me." Voice replied. After a pause, Peirce said, "We better go get that crystal and show it to the Twin Gods." But Voice disagreed. She did not want to encounter a Rock Hound again. She did not want to risk Peirce's life.

"Well, then we'll wait until it's clear." Peirce said. "And when will that be?" Voice said. Right at that moment Peirce said, "Do you hear something?" Voice listened and heard faint sounds coming from a bush nearby. "Peirce, I think-" her voice was cut off by a snarl, and a Rock Hound jumping onto the bushes and clinged on to her throat. She shook him off and she and Peirce galloped away.

"I never heard a Rock Hound snarl before!" Peirce yelled as they galloped. The rock hound started eyeballing Peirce. "Peirce, run faster!" Before Peirce could react, the rock hound leaped onto his back. "Peirce!" Voice yelled, and turned around to help. "Voice! Get out of here! Don't worry about me! Just go!" Peirce yelled as he wrestled a green-eyed rock hound. Voice did not want Peirce to die. She reared on the Rock Hound's head and kept stomping on him until the crystal fell out. But the crystal still glowed and the crystal slowly moved back into the Rock Hound's head, as if a tiny Jedi from Star Wars was using the force and pulled the crystal back into the head.

Peirce and Voice stood in shock as the Rock Hound rose. All the black stuff disappeared, and then the two deer saw a tiny little red thing growing in the wolf's chest. As it grew bigger, Voice and Peirce realized it was a heart. The other organs appeared, then the blood vessels, then the muscles, then the skin, and the two watched as fur slowly grew. The crystal was on the ground, and it was still glowing green. Peirce was about to pick up the crystal when the wolf barked and ran away. Forgetting all about the crystal, Peirce and Voice walked away.

The glowing crystal started to shake, and out came an owl skeleton, with green eyes, then flew up to a nearby tree....

How do you like my second rock hound story, quad?
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I really like this,

I really like this, especially the ending where the green rock hound morphed, that's an interesting idea!

Thanks again for participating! :3