OK. Just to clear things up (And New "Character" Updates)

I'm not sure if anyones confused by the last entry I made about a new picto for Ahi.

ORIGINALY, it was a new picto. Mostly because I wanted my name on the community site the same as on the forums..

This was all of course, BEFORE I saw that you could change the way your name appears to the other users.


But then I thought about it, and didn't want my awesome 'new' picto go to waste. SO.

Ahi still exists. I will still play as my first deer<3(Especially now, since I don't want to play as a fawn that much. You might see the new fawn play. But only for a while. Most likely not alot of you will see him untill he's an adult)
So I'm going to update Ahi's persona, and Add the new soon-to-be stag's information.

Ahey'nii -
Pictogram = Here

Personality- Shy around new people, But uncontrollably hyper around friends (Especially Taiko<3) Has trouble conveying certain thoughts, and because of that, refuses to try to show more complex emotions to other deer. She doesn't like to enter a group of deer larger than 2 or 3 without someone she knows and trusts. Has an affinity for dark an Macabre things, The only similarity between her and her younger brother. She's a very loving and kind doe, and enjoys the company of the young fawns of the forest.

Appearance (Normal Set) - Default Antlers + pink Flowers, Skull Mask, and the Peach-ish colored pelt with the pink swirly stripes along the sides. (Noh pelt?)

Sphenn -
Pictogram = Here

Personality - "Party boy". Sphenn loves to have fun in everyway possible. He's the first to run into a large group of deer and will often start a dance party or a turn-every-stag-you-see-white game. Like his sister, he loves dark and macabre things, and his favorite pastime is writing obscene and horrific messages along the walls in the Ruins and on the rocks in the playground. Luckily, these messages are only readable by those who enjoy the same sort of art. He doesn't like fawns very much at all, but will tolerate them, but only for a short while. He has a short temper, and when angry, will run off to the small tree under which both him and his sister sleep.

Appearance (normal set) = Fawn right now, but when he gets older he will be sporting the Skull Mask and the DOTD skeleton pelt. (Antlers are unknown at the moment.)

SO. Yes, I took the time to write all that up for you. Hopefully it will be of use? x3

Okay. EDIT. Pictograms are

Okay. EDIT.

Pictograms are Switched.

Sphenn is now This

And Ahi is now - This

And Sphenn wears the Gazelle antlers now. (he gets ahi's set, Noh pelt, skull mask, ect.)
But untill Sphenn turns into a stag Ahi is still seen as her old pictogram
Ahi wears the gold/brown set again. With the striped brown/gold pelt, defualt antlers + pink flowers, and Skull mask. :3
Okay? (: