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Daughter of The Moon

A Bad Attitude Is Like A Flat Tire,
You Can't Get Anywhere Until You Change It.

-Unknown Author

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Nokomis was born under the night sky. Living with her parents on the plains, she grew to be a calm, logical individual. Always looking for answers, she has begun to look for new ways of thinking or new questions. Loving to explore, she has started exploring an Endless Forest which has sparked her curiosity and hunger for knowledge.

She is studying the forest deer and their habits. She wants to observe them and compare them to the deer from the plains she lived in. She is very curious and excited to explore their world, and exhilarated by the new experiences the forest will bring.


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Shocked !!
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I'm always impressed by your

I'm always impressed by your creative talent!

How did I miss this lovely

How did I miss this lovely lady?!
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aa so pretty!!

aa so pretty!!

By Draak ♥