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Noirin was adopted at a young age after being abandoned by her mother. Too young to remember her birth mother, she happily grew up with her herd. Their love and support made her strong, and her passion for her family evolved into a power of healing. Optimistic and loving, she protected her herd with a fierceness unlike any before her. When it was time to move on, she was ready to face the world with a positive perspective.
Determined to help those in need, she stumbled across a blind doe named Waefreleah. Elderly and blind, but filled with life and intelligence, they soon became best friends, determined to create a herd and bring a family to those in need.
Eventually, they found Clarion, and Noirin instantly sensed that he needed a home and family. Adopting him into the herd, she used her power and friendship to help him recover from his trauma. He became like a brother to her, and Waefreleah took a liking to his jokes and lively spirit.
As their herd expanded, their bonds grew closer, and now the herd has become like family to Noirin. Without a doubt, she is the head of the herd, leading them with a strong heart and morality.

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sneaks in here
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